CreditCard Case for your iPhone 4


CreditCard Case for your iPhone 4You would love the case (Priced $35) given for preserving your iPhone from Case mate. With this case in hand, you need not bother to carry your wallet for shopping. It can hold 2 plastic cards, one may be your ID and other may be credit card or both may be your credit cards.

I am not in the habit of carrying cash when I go around. That does not mean I am not paying. I prefer different modes of payment instead of cash. In case if you want to know, my wallet is loaded one half with cash and the other half with various cards. I can say for sure that it contains at least 15 plastic cards. Please do not over estimate me. I normally use only 2 cards and the other cards are totally forgotten.

I am using this case from Case mate for some time and I am sure I will continue using it. And it has my ID and credit card. I have not repented even once in carrying this case instead of wallet.

The case primarily contains 5 elements in it. One display cover and a screen wipe one holder, and a slide cover and lastly small booklet for installation.

Without iPhone inside, the case does not look great. You can use the transparent cover not for protecting the mobile but for sliding cards into it gently. The screen cover provided on that case is not capable of protecting your phone. My view is that if any particle can scrape your phone will not stop doing the action by this little plastic cover.

You can easily slide your cards into it. If you want to take your card out, just push it at its bottom surface. But remember one thing. The case is hard enough to erase the silver painting on your card and is not so soft like your leather wallet.

Now, the next question is: What will you do if the case along with your iPhone is lost or stolen? You will become nervous or crazy. If I lost my case and iPhone, then I will definitely call the bank and report about loss of credit card for canceling it immediately. You will have the same feeling even if you lost your wallet. Apart from ID card and credit card I would have lost my other credit cards plus number of gift cards if I have lost my purse.

To conclude, if you think you can manage your needs by just 2 plastic cards then this case will be the right choice.

The plus points of this case are:

It can hold your cards firmly. It looks great on your iPhone and does not add any extra weight. The design is wonderful and the manufacturers have strained a lot to produce this case. You get tremendous response from others who see it.

Now, only one negative point: The finishing paint on the case is getting worn out speedily.

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  1. I still prefer the flip top cover over this credit card case one. This looks like it could scratch the screen.

  2. Seems kind of inaccessible even if the design looks great.

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