Review of CYBERPOWER Gamer Xtreme 1000


CYBERPOWER Gamer Xtreme 1000Main specifications of this system are as follows;

This system possesses a processor of Inter Core i3540 with a speed of 3.07 GHz and the memory is DDR3 and it is 4 GB. What tops this up is the 1 terabyte hard drive storage capacity and also there are DVD and RW optical drives too. There is no monitor included in the pack of the Windows7 Home Premium operating PC. Lastly the ATI Radeon High Definition graphics (1 GB) makes this computer suitable for gamers.

The aluminium surface of this system holds the latest features of Intel underneath which are the Core i3 540 CPU which supports the Hyper Threading of 4 virtual process cores.

Most important information that is required by many readers is the price of this system which is $849 and this simply means that those who go for this fast performing PC will be getting a greatly game themed computer. Though some may expect that due to its low price that this system may not be a good one, however it actually is low priced and compared to similarly priced systems this one is absolutely a clever choice.

The unique features of this system such as the Cyberpower water cooling system is actually a great one because it will be keeping the temperature down all the time.

The 4GB large memory and the 1GB memory of the graphics card are the other great features of this system.

One problem of the interiors is that they are too tightly packed and expansion may be a difficult task.  This is because the graphics card blocks nearly all of the other motherboard slots and you may require the help of a thin handed person. However one can simply upgrade the OS and the memory which would increase it up to 8 GB and along with these it is possible to add internal hard drives. Since there is enough space that will easily support 3 extra externally accessible drives (5.25inch) it is not going to be a tough challenge to make this system so much better than it already is.

There are 2 USB ports, 12 format flash case reader at the front and audio jacks as well and at the back there are 6 USB ports, 1 eSATA port, 1 Fire Wire port and analogue and digital audio ports which will be plenty enough.

Overall this system is quite a good one which provides a good experience and performance at a great price.

Pros: This system is unexpectedly fast and it is perfectly priced there considering the performance it provides.

Cons: the slot expansion is very limited and this may be a decision making for many.

This system is absolutely great for those who are after a PC to deliver a good mainstream performance for its price. The Gamer Xtreme1000 provides this with its overclocked Intel Core i3 CPU.

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