Tweeting Can Be Bad For Business – Lessons From Celebrities


Tweeting Can Be Bad For Business - Lessons From Celebrities

The world of Twitter has revolutionized the relationship between big name celebrities, business figures and other names from of a world of riches and glamour. It has allowed the average person, perhaps unlike ever before, a glimpse into the mindset of such people.

Some very big names are well-known Twitter addicts and enjoy sharing their thoughts and opinions to their fans via the social networking site. It is a unique way for the fan to connect to the figure that grabs their attention and maybe even more interesting it is a new way for the figure to connect their fans on a very personal level.

Think & Tweet

Many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Shaquille O’Neill, Lance Armstrong, comedian and roast-master Jonathan Ross, and Al Gore are all examples of big names that use Twitter and these above names rank in the top 30 of celebrity tweets.

These are celebrities who use Twitter for various reasons — to simply express an interesting or mundane thought, give an update to their fans, thanks fans for certain events, comment on a situation, or simply ensure the connection between them and their fan remains strong.

Political figures are able to express their thoughts without the confines of magazines editing quotes to make it fit or more interesting. It is a great way for them to get their political message out and exactly as they would like it presented.

Celebrities can update fans on their health status, personal status, business endeavors and tours and appearances. In the practice of personal branding, which all big names participate in when they sell themselves and their career as a brand name and identity, it further promotes what they have to sell.

Think & Don’t Tweet

As can be expected this sort of forum can lead to some very embarrassing and controversial remarks. The old saying of “think it, don’t say it” or “think before you speak” should apply to Twitter, but some celebrities have trouble listening to this advice.

A recent example can be made clear by fashion business mogul Kenneth Cole who, making a humorous remark in light of a horrible situation, was forced to explain and apologize for what he wrote.

He tweeted that the cause for the upheaval in Egypt, where riots are occurring over political and religious issues, were actually caused by the people becoming aware of the newest spring fashion collection.

A couple of years ago, Dallas Mavericks basketball team owner Mark Cuban used Twitter during a game to voice his frustration at some officiating during the game and it cost him almost $30,000 in fines from the NBA.

Be Careful What You Tweet

Everybody can learn a lesson from this.

Whether it be a celebrity, everyday person, or business figure, what you say, what you write on a social networking site will have repercussions.

On personal levels, you don’t want to be seen a certain way because it can be detrimental to your self image and your personal brand.

If you’re in business it can be detrimental to you business and profits. Remember, expression has power and consequences.

What Are YOUR Twitter Horror Stories?

If you have any horror stories of your own relating to Twitter such as a tweet being taken the wrong way, or perhaps you posted you later came to regret, please share them in the comments below (if you are brave enough to do so!)

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