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On a busy working day in office you may get a good number of business cards on your table top but million dollar question is that how many of them get you notice or grab your intentions? If your answer is in negative it means something is lacking in those business cards. Now think for a while, if you are not on receiving end and standing on giving end, would you prefer those business cards which are ready to be trashed? What kind of business card will get at least a second look?

Here I would give you some important features of business cards which allow you to stand out of the crowd.

size1. Size

There are a lot of people who still believe that size of a business card is universal and cannot be changed.  But it is wrong perception. You are free to choose any size of business card keeping in view the audience and customers of your business. Business card is your corporate identity; it can also be changed according to your business needs and demands and more commonly according to the running trends of society.

2. Shape

Once again there is a myth in people mind that business card is of a particular shape and style, once again I would say that it is merely a myth and have no connection with the reality. If you are in plant business, go to print a business card of a leaf shape. If you own an electronic business why don’t you try TV shape business card? These are custom business cards. True, custom business cards are little bit costly but they leave long lasting impression on receivers mind.

Material3. Material

No need to follow old and conventional thought regarding business cards material. You are no more bound to print orthodox card stock business card. Try new innovations and trends around you. Print your business cards on plastic, metal, wood or even use rubber.

4. Colors

Color can be considered as the basic element on your business cards. One thing I would suggest that adopt those colors to be printed on your business cards that may synchronize with your business. If you are a writer then use soothing colors which reflect your mature personality. If you are in photo business, use shinny colors, so pick those colors that suit your work and personality.

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