5 Reasons Every Service Based Business Should Have An iPhone App


When people talk about your business, can they claim that there’s an app for that? The simple truth is iPhone apps are huge right now. While companies use to wonder if they needed a website, companies are now wondering if they also need an iPhone app. But, why? Does your business really need an iPhone app? If your business is service based, then yes, it does. Here are five reasons every service based business needs an iPhone app.

Share Content with Mobile Users

An iPhone app is a wonderful way to share content with customers. Whether you want to share information about an upcoming sale or just want to tell customers about new services, an iPhone app is definitely the way to go. Mobile internet growth has actually surpassed fixed internet service, which means more people are apt to pay attention to a new app than a website.

Drive Traffic to Your Business

If you’re able to create an iPhone app that offers something useful, it can be huge for your business. For example, let’s say your company offers internet connections for home use. People that have your service would be interested in an app that allows them to check the current connection status from their phone. For example, if their internet is down, the app could alert them to whether or not it is a singular issue that needs attention or is an area wide outage that is being worked on.

Automate Services

Speaking of which, an iPhone app can be a great way to prevent a customer’s need to contact your business over the phone or through email. This can clear up work hours. For example, if you run a gaming site, you might have an app that includes troubleshooting tips, gaming tips, and other information that is useful, fun, and customer service oriented.

Attract New Customers

A cool app is a wonderful way to attract new customers to your business. If you can offer an app that is fun, entertaining, and is something people must have, you will definitely attract new customers. For example, let’s say that your company sells car insurance. You could offer a driving app that allows customers to collect discount tokens as they drive the course. The more tokens, the bigger discount that month.

Offers Additional Income

Last, but not least, a fun, entertaining, must-have iPhone app is an excellent way for your company to bring in more money. The key is to not only make your app fun, but affordable. For example, the driving app listed above that allows customers to earn discounts could be priced at $0.99 and sell thousands.

An iPhone app may not have been something you had considered for your business, but the truth is apps are huge right now. Being able to create a fun, entertaining app can earn your company hundreds, if not thousands, of new customers.

About the Author: Jackson Gatzke works for a tech company that focuses on creating application test software. The world of technology is expanding and businesses who don’t keep up may be left behind. Consider your need for a functional app!

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