3 Smartphones to Knock Your Socks Off in 2013


New phones come out all the time, and some are better than others. More often than not, though, it’s the phones that are marketed the best that succeed. Just look at the Galaxy S3 by Samsung, and how it was marketed like crazy. Sure, it’s a really awesome phone, but is it any better than the HTC One X? Or others that are comparable?

Maybe not. But that’s how your succeed: masterful marketing.

Rather than bring to your the best marketed phones out right now, I’ll bring your three phones to choose from. Sure there are plenty of pros and cons to all technology, so I will share with you what I think makes these phones some of the best in 2013.

Here are three phones that will make you smile every time you take them out of your pocket:

LG Optimus G

lg optimus g

This is a great phone, and like the Nexus 4 that was based off of it, it packs some serious specs. Not only do you get a 4.7-inch True IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 720, but you also get a quad-core S4 Pro processor, 2 GB of RAM, Android 4.1 Jellybean, and LG’s custom Android skin that makes things looks really pretty.

It also looks super awesome. What’s great is that since LG has been out of the game for so long, you can probably pick this up for $99 soon enough with a contract. Get it!

Nexus 4

What’s better than an LG Optimus G? A Nexus 4.

Know why? Because it’s $299 WITHOUT a contract, and you don’t get a custom Android skin, either.

In addition, you get all of the bells and whistles that the Optimus G has, but you also get a nice glass backing. Win.

HTC One X+

The One X was one of the most under rated phones ever. Because the Galaxy S3 had so much marketing behind it, the One X fell to the backburner, even though it was just as good.

Luckily, the One X+ is back to upgrade things. Not only do you get the same great materials approach, but you also get a device that gives you fantastic internals and better battery life, in addition to a better screen.

You can’t lose with these! Buy them!

About the author: Miscelleana Rhinehart is a writer and author, but she also dedicates a lot of her time to helping NJ car dealers.

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