6 Technology Finds Any Teenager Would Love


Technology changes almost as quickly as the interests and moods of many teenagers. Trying to find new technologies that will be beneficial and enjoyable is near impossible. Here are some sleek new technology finds that any teenager will really enjoy.

Portable Hard Drive – For Data on the Run

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Portable hard drives make it possible to take all your most important photos, videos, and documents with you wherever you go. Teens can use this technology to work on projects at the library or a friend’s house, to transport large presentations to school, or to keep their personal documents safe from younger siblings who share a family computer.

A Mini Camcorder – For Extreme Creativity

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Whether the finished videos go into a DVD compilation or right on your blog, a mini camcorder is a sleek bit of tech that will get lots of use. You’ll find lots of options on the market with features ranging from basic to professional. Something like the Bloggie Touch is great for amateurs, because the simple touch screen makes operation a breeze. And the sleek design slips right into a pocket.

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard – For Key-Free Typing

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This virtual keyboard eliminates the need for a real keyboard. Instead, it projects the necessary keys on any flat surface using a laser display. The device connects with a variety of smart phones, laptops, and tablets. The small handheld box charges via USB and works for 150 minutes.

Cordless Pocket Charger – To Eliminate Dead Phones

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If you’re a teen who always finds yourself with a phone battery that’s near death, a cordless pocket charger is the perfect solution. This small device can charge many devices including phones, iPods, tablets, and GPS devices. It’s a handy accessory for any long road voyage, camping trip, or other extended vacation away from home. The charger itself recharges via your computer’s USB port. With a fully charged smartphone you can always keep in contact with your friends and still have fun playing your favorite apps like Spin Palace casino.

The Ultrabook – Where Tablets and Laptops Meet

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The Ultrabook is the perfect blend of tablet and laptop. The device is extremely portable, so you can take it along to the library, to school, and anywhere else it’s needed. If you’ve toyed with the idea of getting a computer but you aren’t looking forward to following this big buy with a tablet for more portable ease of use, this is probably the best compromise.

Portable Projector – For Instant Movie Night

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Portable projectors offer a world of possibilities for teens. Friends no longer have to crowd around a single smart phone or take turns watching a hilarious video on the laptop, just for example. Films, television shows, and home movies are easily projected on any flat white surface with the portable projector.

Today’s hottest technology trends are all about slim sizes and easy portability. When you bring these to the table along with interesting features and extreme ease of use, you’re sure to have a winning combination.

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