Review of Dell Studio One 19


Dell Studio One 19

This system is an attractive low end configuration one however those with a high end configuration with the same screen dimensions are a lot more expensive. It is a sleek computer however it may not be a good choice for those families who have young children.

Main specifications of this system are as follows; it has a Pentium DUAL CORE processor at 2.5 GHz speed and the memory is 4GB and this is topped up with a hard drive memory of 320 GB. There are DVD and RW optical drives and the size of the monitor is 15.5 inch and it is a touch screen LCD. The graphics is integrated Nvidia GEFORCE9200 and lastly operating system is Windows Vista Home premium.

Dell has been a company whose products have generally been criticized as weak and they have actually been trying very hard to improve their design.

This system has been priced at $914 and it comes with 4 GB RAM and 320 GB hard drive capacity. It has many other specifications that may suit to those who are just after a PC for regular tasks. However for those who are prepared to give up the touch screen than you could simply get this for as low as $699 which makes it close to an Atom powered highly powerful net tops. Of course there are some other branded PCs which are similarly priced and comes with some additional feature so you might want to do some research before making your choice. However the good thing about the Studio is that you can simply upgrade it at the time of purchase and this means that it is better to go for low end models and note that the display resolution is not suitable for Blu ray content.

The design of this PC is very nice and all its corners are curved and rounded and its stand has been perfectly designed from an aluminum loop. There is an optional wireless keyboard and a mouse that this system comes with. There are 2 USB, mic and headphone ports and a 7 formatted flash card reader on the side and at the back there are 4 more USB ports, 1 Ethernet jack, audio out slot.

All in all this system is one that has many features which may suit the need and expectations of many people. There are much software such as games, and some onscreen drum capabilities. You can with one press access to your weather information and there are many more to be explored.

Pros: This system is a compact and stylish one which has a COZI WEBWARE which makes it more functional. It has loud speakers which provide nice and smooth sound and there is integrated power brick.

Cons: the touch screen makes it quite difficult to clean and it Is quite expensive to get some better upgrades and there is not much better graphics.

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