Machine to Machine Communication Through Wireless Networks


In an era where machines do most of the jobs, data communications between machines, also referred as Machine-to-Machine has become indispensable. It has also been translated as Man-to-Machine, Machine-to-Man, Machine-to-Mobile and Mobile-to-Machine. Amongst cellular telephone service providers, Machine-to-Machine telemetry or telematics that is achieved employing networks, especially public wireless networks.

Most of the time Machine-to-Machine or M2M system are task-oriented that means a given system is purpose-built for just one explicit device, or a very restricted class of devices in an industry. Wireless networks that are all interlinked serve towards enhancing production and competence in various areas, such as machinery that works on manufacturing cars and making the developers aware about the need for maintenance. Machine to machine interaction also help in employing wireless technology to examine systems, like utility meters. This way it assists in avoiding fraud by telling owner when anybody tries to fiddle with it. Digital billboards also utilize wireless networks and helps advertisers to reflect messages and also make necessary changes whenever required. Apart from this some other areas which are benefitted by machine to machine systems asset management, telemetry, supply chain and logistics management, e-business and m-business solutions and some more areas.

Some of the benefits of machine to machine systems are that it provides defensive maintenance and centralized service support and data management, distant diagnostics and real-time statistics, quick retort by outsourcing problem solution. Gadgets that are wirelessly linked to a network are not restricted to a physical location. Thus they are very flexible and can be moved as per the requirement. Those places which are distant and where there is no cable connection can also be linked to wireless network quickly and without problems. It makes it possible for information and to be received or sent by mobile devices as and when required. This helps organizations to have access to information for efficient and quick decisions. A wireless network can be speedily and simply fixed into a building or location. One does not need to establish any incorporation with the already existing fixed line network, thus providing an independent protected network.  As there is need for any cabling it is easier to install the set up in very little time. Thus the installment cost is much less due to speed of installment and exclusion of cabling costs.

M2M communication has spread into a system of networks that conveys data to personal applications such as infotainment systems or meter readers. The development of wireless networks across the globe has made it far easier for such communication to take place and has greatly lessened the amount of power and time required for information to be exchanged between machines.  Some other modes of machine to machine communication are LAN and blue tooth devices. An efficient system of communication like these greatly improves the scope for new business opportunities and associations between consumers and producers.

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