Wind Energy: A Greener and Sustainable Option For Power Generation


Global warming is a topic of anxiety and hence a lot of discussion in most of the countries. A lot has been done and needs to be done to spread awareness about this cause which may have tumultuous impact on environment. Everybody dreams of a world that is full of greenery, fresh air, clean water and a lot of sunshine.  In this endeavor a lot of focus has been given to optimum use of renewable energy sources like wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy and tidal and some other resources already available naturally. Wind energy has been utilized for ages to sailing ships, to move windmills for grinding grain. These days the energy derived from wind is being used to generate electricity with the help of wind turbines.

The most important complexity in generating electrical energy with the help of fossil-fuel resources are high cost and scarceness as it is obtained from natural resources. At present wind energy is considered the most advanced of these as they already being used on a large scale in various parts of the world. Keeping a check on the proper functioning of the parts of the system with the help of intelligent systems like the Wind Turbine Monitoring system assists in averting breakdowns.

The use of wind turbines for homes is becoming very popular as a source of renewable energy. Wind turbines prove to be a much cheaper and greener way to obtain energy for homes. A residential wind turbine is easy to install and a great contribution to the quest information on this green energy source. A wind turbine basically comprises of a base on which the tower is set up and serves as a platform. It is usually made with concrete to make it sturdy enough to tackle the force of wind. On top of the base a tower is mounted which holds up the wind turbines and also the rotor blades. It also guards the rotating shaft that moves the power from the turbine to the gearbox. The tower also needs to very sturdy and flexible to be able to endure the powerful wind energy. The tower height varies with the land topography and speed of wind. Rotor blades has witnessed a lot of technological advancements in its design which has made to more proficient in their role In these the material used and the accuracy of angles is very significant for efficient working and the quantity of power generated. The amount of power that the wind turbines make is determined by the gearbox. The gear box converts the physical rotational power into electric energy.

The rotary part of the wind turbines can be vertical or horizontal.  The most modern wind turbines that are used are horizontal-axis based with the rotor positioned on the top of the tower which helps in generating more wind energy. The advantage of vertical-axis wind turbines is that the gearbox and transmission systems are positioned at ground level that improves their ability to grasp the wind irrespective of wind direction.  But an efficient Wind Turbine Monitoring is vital to any wind energy system to facilitate maintenance of machine.

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