The Best in Video Creation Software, Now At Your Fingertips


Those just getting started with video creation tend to be a little nervous, because sometimes it all seems a bit too much. But you don’t need to feel this way, because Movavi has some of the best products in the market, ready and waiting for you. Read on to find out more, and be sure to check out their website at if you don’t believe us yet. What makes the Movavi Video Suite so special? This overview will tell you just that.

The Best in Video Creation Software, Now At Your Fingertips

Video Conversion

One of the bigger problems with videos is the format. You save your file in one format, but you need to upload it in another. YouTube prefers one format, but Facebook can upload the other one faster. What you need is a good video converter that works fast and makes sure your format problems are a thing of the past. Here’s the good news: It’s just a click away. With Movavi’s video converter, you’ll be able to convert video files from one format to another, rip CDs and DVDs, process all your images and audio files, save video in such a way that it will be supported by your mobile devices, and run a few basic editing processes besides.

Screen Capture for Your Screencasts

The Screen Capture Studio can literally capture any kind of screen activity. It’s not just for the big stuff; it’ll catch the smallest movement of your mouse in high resolution video. You can decide which windows you want it to be monitoring, and use the recorded video for webinars, video tutorials and screencasts. You’ll be able to record sounds for voiceovers and background tracks, not to mention edit your tutorial and add captions and annotations to make it easier to understand. When you’re done, you will be able to save your finished video in the format of your choice, making it accessible on any device and any platform.

Professional Video Editing

Any video editor can join, split and crop your video files, but the Movavi Video Converter does so much more. It not only allows you to capture video from your digital camera and TV tuner, but also lets you digitize video from analog devices and VHS. All those old cassettes might just come in very handy, and you can add filters, special effects and lots more to create an amazing video for any purpose.

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