New Technology Used in Online Gaming Companies


Web-based casinos owe their success to advances in technology that have made it possible for companies to recreate traditional lounges online. Now casinos players can have experiences almost as real as if they were in land-based outfits. Over time, technology has continued to improve and with it, the gaming services that gambling outfits provide. A few technologies have completely revolutionised online gaming, and it helps to know about them.

High Definition Graphics

Graphics are essential elements of an online casino. They determine what the users see when interacting with the interface. For this reason, they have to be good. The standard of graphics used dictates the clarity, resolution and interactiveness of a game. Casinos have moved from the 8-bit graphics that the industry was using to high definition alternatives. Game developers are now able to provide online video slots in 3D that look as real as the regular ones.

Virtual Reality

Immersive experiences are changing how online gamblers access various gaming options. Even though virtual reality is still in its early stages, several casinos are investing in the technology to offer better playing opportunities for their customers. Live casinos are some of the offerings in web-based platforms that benefit from VR technology. A live casino simulates the environment of a traditional casino with live dealers, lounges and interactive games. You get to play as if you are in a land-based establishment. VR makes it possible for people to lose themselves in games from the ultimate gambling experience.


Technological advances are changing the way people pay for their online gambling. Web-based casinos offer various payment modes, including credit cards and virtual wallets. Blockchain is the latest addition to this offer. It allows customers to fund accounts and cash out winnings in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ethereum and Ripple. Cryptocurrency is slowing gaining popularity in the online gambling industry because it is hard to trace.

Gesture Recognition

This technology allows a system to detect the natural movements of the hands and identify the gesture. For example, you can gesture spinning a roulette wheel, and the system will activate that feature. The advantage of this technology is that players don’t have to rely on physical controls all the time. Gesture recognition might not be widely used as yet, but it is slowly taking shape. When used with VR, gesture technology is bound to expand the spheres of gambling.

Technological innovations have pushed the growth of the online gambling industry to dramatical heights. With every innovation, online casinos find ways to improve the gambling experience for customers.

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