The Expansion Of Fibre Internet Connections Worldwide Shapes People’s Experiences


The internet has made a lot of things possible for people from around the world – things we never imagined would come true. From allowing individuals to communicate to powering security systems and optimizing business operations, it’s nearly impossible to imagine life without the internet. When it comes to connectivity, we’re talking about one communications medium that runs at the speed of light: Fibre broadband.

What is Fibre Broadband?

The Expansion Of Fibre Internet Connections Worldwide Shapes People's Experiences

Fibre broadband is a type of internet connection that operates several times faster than the fastest copper connection. Data is transmitted at super high speed for long distances through an optical fibre. Copper cable is much less reliant and susceptible to changes in temperature, moisture, and mistakes in wiring, all of which can cause connectivity problems in home and offices.

Connectivity in New Zealand vs Australia

Among countries, an international report on internet speeds stated that New Zealand’s average broadband speed increased from 7.3 Mbps in 2014 to 9.3 Mbps in 2015. Moreover, the peak speed has risen to over 42 Mbps – most likely due to the introduction of consumer fibre broadband deals across the Kiwi State. With Australians, getting these speeds is unrealistic. Australia’s NBN has annoyingly placed limitations on speeds and this has caused the country’s global internet speed rankings to drop from  30th to 60th place.

Why Fibre Internet Connection is the Future

Already known as the gold standard of internet connectivity, fibre broadband is your best bet for instantaneously powering your experiences for success. Below are the ways fibre internet transforms your reality.

Faster Access to the Cloud

Many individuals and small to large businesses these days rely on cloud computing for collaborating with teams, backing up and retrieving documents, and accessing unlimited storage. With this current trend that will most likely be here to stay, the lightning fast speed of fibre broadband makes it easier for people to use the cloud no matter the regardless of the time.

Topnotch Security

By simply disrupting a copper wire, hackers and thieves can easily access sensitive information. The fact that a fibre optics cable immediately leaks light and fails once it’s tapped makes it impossible for cyber criminals to steal important data. Because most of us rely on the internet for almost anything, including mobile shopping and payment of bills, having a safe connection like fibre broadband is the smartest thing homeowners can do.

Zero Latency Issues

Latency refers to the amount of time it takes for information to travel from the source to its destination. Internet users often experience latency problems especially when it comes to uploading and downloading large content such as videos, music, and images. This can delay business tasks and can create unsatisfying experiences to gamers and artists. Fibre broadband eliminates such issues, speeding up online activities.

Huge Savings in the Long Run

True, installing lightning fast fibre internet connection costs more but saves you a ton of money in the future. Because speed and latency issues are avoided, and sensitive data is protected, individual users and organizations can experience greater productivity and efficiency since there is less time wasted. Home users will also be delighted with the fact that they can stream high-definition videos and connect multiple devices to the internet without suffering from any lag.

The possibilities of fibre connectivity are simply endless. If you’re not using this internet service, you’re missing out on a ton of opportunities to grow your business, stay protected, be entertained, and remain highly productive.

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