Gaming Information & the Technological Advances – The Changing Face


It is due to technological innovation that there are such rapidly shifting trends in the gambling industry. Many of such innovation might either have a direct or an indirect impact on the prevalence of certain types of gambling. Activities which were once done in an environment which was typically related to gambling can now be done from home and even on the move. Casinos everywhere like the German casino can be played online and gamers don’t have to rush to physical casinos to get their share of entertainment. Here are few ways technology has changed the gaming world.

  • Technology is becoming convergent

One of the key trends is that hardware has become massively convergent where people can access internet through interactive television and smartphones. Besides convergent hardware, there is convergent content too. This includes few forms of gambling including like video game elements or television programming with gambling-like elements. The increasing accessibility can also boost the prevalence rates of addiction to gambling.

  • Gambling through social networking websites

Gaming Information & the Technological Advances – The Changing Face

The very first gambling for money game Bingo Friendzy on Facebook achieved worldwide acclaim and media interest. Majority of the gaming operators are now watching very closely to check whether or not the move from social gaming to social gambling can be a lucrative one. There are various gambling-type games which are famous on Facebook. Hold ‘Em Poker is presently one of the most famous games played among players. This game introduces players to the interesting part of gambling.

  • Mobile gambling has become extremely popular

One of the main factors which drive the large numbers of people to gamble online and use social networking sites is the rise of mobile gaming. As compared to internet gambling, mobile gambling is still an untouched area but the functional capacities of mobile devices and phones are improving with time. Currently, there are hundreds of gambling companies which offer casino games to be downloaded from the Android Market. Mobile gaming has enough capacity to change the way people think of betting.

  • Behavioral tracking data

There are new technologies which have arrived in the form of tracking consumer behavioral data and this has assisted the online gambling companies to keep a close tab on players by noting down the games that the customers are playing. What time are they spending on each game? What are the number of wins and losses? Although these technologies can be used to exploit gamblers, they can also be used to limit their gambling behavior if they are serious about their addiction.

  • Online therapy for problem gamblers

One of the most notable trends of technology is the online treatment of gambling addicts. Although there are few cons of online therapy for problem gamblers, there are many benefits too like cost-effectiveness, convenience and overcoming the social stigma. There are many other generic factors like making internet more attractive for online gambling.

Therefore, as we see, technology has changed the entire face of gambling as there is more of technology in every phase of online gaming.

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