How to Know Which Is the Best Platform for Blog Comments?


There are many great blogging platforms, which makes it quite difficult for a blogger who is just starting their career to discover which one is the best. A complete beginner to blogging cannot possibly know what the differences between and are, for instance. For this, they need to do some research, but it is also useful to try out some of the best blogging platforms, before you make a final decision in regard to which platform you will use.

The Most Popular Blogging Platforms – Ease of Use

There are many different opinions on what makes a good blogging platform, but there are still some things that everybody seems to agree on. Namely, one of the main criteria that defines the quality of a blog platform is the question of how simple it is for bloggers to use it. Even if it has the greatest potential, people won’t use a blogging platform that is too complicated.

The Number of Users

Another thing that is as important as ease of use is the popularity of a blogging platform. What this means is that a platform without many users is less popular than the platform that counts several million users, for example. Therefore, you should do some simple research, such as typing in the phrase “best blogging platforms” in your search engine, and then based on the results choose a platform with the highest popularity.

How to Benefit from Blogging?

Blogging has proven to be very lucrative when it comes to different types of writing jobs. There are people who blog for living, or at least make a fine profit out of it. Aside from this, blog platforms are also an essential tool for many business owners. Namely, posting comments on popular blog platforms can help entrepreneurs get a high quality backlink to their websites.

How Should Your Blog Comments Look Like?

Before explaining how a blog comment should look like, it is important to get an idea of what you should do in regard to commenting. Firstly, you should avoid leaving impersonal comments that show that you haven’t even read a post. The thing with advertising your business by posting comments of various blogging platforms is that not every comment will get you backlinks to your website or blog. The comments that will provide you with this should be related to the topic you are commenting on. You should also try to show your expertise in the field you have chosen, as this will surely help you advertise yourself. Positive attitude is yet another thing you should maintain, and giving good and useful advice is always welcome when it comes to posting comments on blogging platforms.

Which is The Best Blogging Platform for Commenting?

WordPress seems to be the best blogging platform, and it is one of the platforms with the biggest number of users, which is why business can benefit from posting their comments on there. This platform is easy to use, and it is perfect for people who want to make a profit from blogging, but it is also a very good choice for those who blog for fun.

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