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Keeping costumers satisfied is never an easy job. Thankfully the emergences of cutting edge technology help the sales industry keep a good working relationship. When people started using smartphones, the sales industry wasted no time in figuring out how these devices could be used to boost sales. After several tries we now see the two marrying, so what forms of technology are making waves in the sales industry?


Smartphones come in at number one on this list. According to recent studies and surveys, smartphones have become the most sought after device by consumers worldwide. A recent survey done by DNA reveals over 50% of people are using smartphones, and the remaining third intends to purchase one. The mere fact that smartphones are dominating the mobile market industry makes it a lucrative avenue for maintaining customer relations.

Numerous business enterprises are now keeping in touch with clients through social media networking sites made possible by smartphones. Social networking sites are not the only lucrative avenues for boosting sales; companies are now looking into using smartphone apps for maintaining a good client to customer relationship. Tablets, notebooks and laptops also offer the same feature, but what gives smartphones the ultimate edge is their flexibility. They are mobile phones that allow you to call and send messages, and can also act as mini computers, allowing you to surf the net and perform certain tasks. Smartphones are the ultimate technology that can promote a good consumer relationship.


Another gadget seen to improve customer relations is the tablet. According to a 2012 symposium, we will be seeing more businesses purchasing tablets for the coming years. An estimated 13 million units will be purchased only to triple in the year 2016, eventually reaching 53 million. Tablets are mainly used by businesses, while smartphones can also be used for businesses and personal use. A majority of the workforce is forecasted to be mobile using tablets (the estimate revolves around 40%). This simply means sales agents can cater to the needs of clients, anywhere, anytime and this is nothing but good news to the client’s ears.

Technology’s Impact: How Exactly do These Gadgets Make a Good Client-Customer Relationship?

It’s All About Updates

With the technology, smart devices such as smartphones and tablets receive up to date information quickly. Customers can be informed immediately if there are changes to the services or products. Information about new products, sales schedules, customers can receive campaigns and store events. With the emergence of social networking sites, this avenue for information exchange is expanded even further. The low cost of these tools or sites is another plus for sales as there is no need for major investments just to keep in touch with the clients.

Feedbacks Made Easier

Smart devices are capable of real time communication, and this mode of communication allows consumers to reach the company at a convenient time and not only during business hours. Real time communication through instant messaging, chats, Internet calls, live video chats, etc. also allows consumers to air their concerns and get feedback from these concerns immediately. One way of keeping customers satisfied is by assisting them through their queries and problems.

Aids in Customer Service Management

Software programs that analyze and track data from customers are very useful in analyzing what the customer wants or what they need. This software is now available through many devices.  Access to these, equips managers on how to effectively deal with clients.

This article is written by Amarendra, a web enthusiast fond of topics on technology, I.T., gadgets, and its impact on customer relationship management. He loves to write on topics concerning business, sales and marketing a well.

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