Digital Photo Frames and Choosing Your Photos


Digital Photo Frames and Choosing Your Photos

If someone has purchased a digital photo frame for you, you might need some advice on the best way to arrange your digital photos. Some people have hundreds and thousands of photos, and it can be an overwhelming task to choose and to organize everything. First, you will need to pick a couple of important events that you want to showcase. For example, a daughter’s wedding, Christmas with the family, or pictures of your new baby. Family portraits, for example, are a great addition to your digital photo frame. Once you have a couple of events picked out, you will need to start editing your photos. If you edit your photos every time you upload them to your computer, then this process will take a little less time.

Editing Photos for your Digital Photo Frame

Once you have the events picked out that you would like to display on your digital photo frame, you need to go through them and do a little editing. Your computer likely came with some software to display and edit photos, so this is where you should start if you do not have advanced photo editing software. Here you will want to delete the photos that just did not work out. For example, you might want to delete the photo where you cut off half of Uncle Jack’s head. You will also want to correct things like red eye and delete photos that are under or overexposed. Once all your photos are cleaned up, it is time to load them onto the frame. If they are not already labeled, you will want to group all of your photos together in different folders. For example all the birthday photos can go into a folder labeled “Sarah’s Birthday.”

Loading Photos onto your Digital Photo Frame

The easiest way to move photos is to use a USB drive, but you can also move photos wirelessly with some advanced frames. Put the USB drive into the USB slot on your computer and open it. Then open the folder that contains all your photos. Move the event related folders from “My Pictures” to the USB drive by dragging them and dropping them over the USB folder. Once you have moved all the photos that you want displayed onto the USB drive, you will need to eject the drive from your computer.

After that, you will plug the USB drive into the corresponding slot on your digital photo frame and turn the frame on. Once the frame is on, there should be an option to transfer the photos from the USB drive to the frame, and then you just have to decide how to display them. If you want a random mix of photos, many frames have a shuffle option to mix things up. Many people also like the slideshow option where photos are displayed for a few seconds to a few minutes before the frame changes to the next photo. This way you get to see a large number of your photos over a relatively short amount of time. When choosing photos for your digital photo frame, remember to choose photos that you want to see and that you want others to see.

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