How Modded Controllers Work For Consoles


Consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo were supposed to update their best products every six years. With the power that Xbox 360 and PS3 had on their design, game developers weren’t touching even half of the console’s limits by the time it already reached six years. This is why these consoles have become popular over the years until now. With more and more people buying PS3 and Xbox 360 not only to enjoy games but also to play bluray movies, these gaming consoles have become all in one hardware.

One of the most important things that you need in order to enjoy the game is an ergonomic controller. The controllers made for both Xbox 360 and PS3 are designed to give comfort to end users for hours of game time. Though this is the case, players can’t help but to change their controllers according to their preferences. There are a lot of developments that happened to these types of controllers over the years. This is also the reason why modded controllers are appearing for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

With the games like Call of Duty, Modern Warfare and many other games that would require rapid fire to bring the best enjoyment, sometimes all it takes is a few hacks to get the controller become a personalized gaming advantage. There are a lot of people who do this all by themselves. The problem with this modification is that it won’t be covered by the warranty anymore. The controller will be considered tampered since it will involve soldering and placing new wiring for the rapid fire button.

For most hardcore gamers, this is a 50/50 modification. There is a chance of success and there is a much greater chance of failure. Much like the self repairs for the “red ring of death” this type of option is not really a wise choice after all. What you need to do is to make sure that you just use it as it is. Fortunately, there are products out in the market that can save you some time and trouble. The ready made modded controllers available in the market could tweak your game according to just how you want it. But of course, there is a catch to these types of controllers. Since different games have different configurations, the changes also differ depending on the game meant for the controller. These modded controllers could work best on one to two games.

Aside from the fact that DIY modded controllers can give you a hard time claiming the warranty, this can also give you a bad time when it comes to some levels that only require normal configuration. This is also true when it comes to entering cheat codes. Having rapid fire in your controller won’t enter the cheat code properly. For the modded xbox 360 controller and the PS3 versions, it is now possible that you adjust the sensitivity. This way, you are no longer having trouble with other functions. Simply put, the modification will be just an added boost to your game. If you are planning to get the best experience, check the available modded controllers meant for your favorite games.

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