Email Virus – What It Is and How You Get Affected


Email virus is a malicious computer script which comes uninvited to you through an email attachment in a spam mail or a mail disguised to be sent from authentic users. Such virus upon activation can wreak havoc on the system and can bring about unanticipated and harmful effects spanning the spectrum from corrupting vital and sensitive files to bringing the system to a standstill.

The email virus can unleash damage to an extent whose sheer enormity is beyond comprehension. The hard disk can be corrupted in entirety or in patches. The very attachment that shipped in the virus can be automatically resent to the complete list of recipients sitting on your mailing list. A virus can cause massive loss of time, money and professional reputation. Corporate offices run the greatest risk of having their confidential and sensitive information being ruthlessly pulled apart by such mindless attacks.

The user’s discretion can potentially protect him against such threats. No unauthorized or spam mail should be open although they may appear to be carrying enticing subject lines. The attachment should strictly not be double clicked if the sender of the mail is anonymous or unknown. No prying of the attachment’s content even out of sheer curiosity should be attempted. The most potent way to ward off such attacks would be to install reputed antivirus with Herculean might to fight any depredations of virus.

The software should unfailingly be set to check each and every attachment before allowing opening it. Corporate offices should implement a global policy across all their installations wherein users will be authenticated only through a local account on their workstations which will prohibit any third party installation of software. Such an action will keep the hard disk files away from the snares of email virus.

Corporate firewall servers have an anti-spam email policy in place which restricts delivery of emails from illegitimate senders or mails not pertaining to official correspondence to the users’ mailbox. Such a noble attempt to filter out emails with potential viral imprints may not be a success always.

Macro virus, Melissa virus and Iloveyou virus tops the chart of venomous viruses that are itching to make inroads to your secured system. Due to widespread awareness about these common virus names, the ingenious hackers have engendered copycat variations with the subject line adorned with skillfully thought out words.

One should keep oneself updated of the latest entrants in the email virus field by regularly visiting authority forums on the net to cut down on the chances of falling victim to a virus exploit. Users should also exercise caution from disclosing too much of their private information to unsolicited people to effectively shield themselves from any unfortunate virus onslaught.

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