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Do you love using web applications and computer programs such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe? Are you a developer or an avid Internet techie who always is looking for the latest, most updated news on new computer programs and applications to hit the market? Are you sometimes perplexed by the data and information available for specific web applications and programs?

Do you get weighed down by clumsy user manuals that leave you searching through indices and tables of content?

Instead of spending hours scanning user manuals for different computer programs and web applications, would it not be fantastic to access all of the information you need on your favorite programs in one place? Would it not be wonderful to have expert, reliable advice and data from professionals in the field? Would it not make your life easier to have that exact information at your fingertips in just a matter of minutes?

If you are a web developer or a computer user who can identify with these situations, then it is time for you to visit Web Platform. Web Platform is a brand new website that brings together dozens and dozens of professinals in the web development and computer programming fields so that the best, most accurate information about your favorite programs is accessible to you in one place on the web. You no longer need to spend your hard-earned and valuable time looking for a needle in a haystack!

Instead, visit Web Platform and get the information you want on the latest updates to Adobe, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple, Google, Opera, and many more computer applications! Here is how you can get started and how Web Platform can make our Internet experience easier and much more efficient:

A New Wiki Site

Web Platform is designed as a Wiki site, which means that it is interactive. When companies such as Apple, Adobe, and Google become members of this open-resource website, they are given access to adding and deleting information. Together, they work to build the pages of information on the Web Platform site. This is the difference between Web Platform and other websites with a similar aim of sharing resources and information.

We ask the experts in the field — the employees who know most about the specific programs and applications — to upload tip sheets, to share coding advice, to write about the quirks and tricks of the programs, and to answer your questions. You will not get novice adivce on Web Platform. By allowing only experts to add information, you will get a high-quality database of information at your fingertips every time you visit.

A Community Experience

Web Platform is designed to get you involved in the online community experience. As a user, you will get access to all our our current forums. There, regular users, web developers, employees of top companies, and many other experts in the field will interact and debate specific questions about specific programs and applications.

You can post a question, answer a question, or get involved in the conversation. No matter what, you will always find an interactive and engaged community online in our forums where you can learn and grow.

Passing It On

Web Platform is governed by a creative commons license, which means that even though big companies such as Apple and Google are posting their official company documents and information, you can take that information and pass it on without worrying about lawsuits. You can print the information, copy and paste it into another document, email it, and download it.

When companies become a member of Web Platform, they are agreeing to share the information about their applications and programs so that others can learn from those doucments and share them with others. Together, the members and users of Web Platform will learn to work together and to grow in their knowledge together.

They will problem-solve together, brainstorm together, and work toward a more open community on the web. Best of all, users can join the Web Platform community for free.

WebPlatform Stewards


If you are looking for an easier way to become knowledgeable about your favorite web applications, then Web Platform can help you get there. This one-stop site is designed to give you access to the most expert and the latest information on a wide assortment of programs from big program and application companies from Apple to Opera. You will not be disappointed when you see both the quality of the information and the ease of access to it.

Feel free to pass along the documents and the information you learn about on Web Platform without worrying about legal ramifications. The website’s purpose is connect like-minded users, whether they are professionals and employees of the program companies, computer program developers, or the ordinary computer users. Best of all, Web Plaform is designed to set up a real online community that learns from one another and passes along their knowledge to others.

Start using Web Platform today for the best news you can use and access to experts in the computer application field. Chat directly with employees of Apple, Google, Mozilla, and more. Hear what you need to know in order to move forward with your own personal projects, and keep coming back when you get stumped. Web Platform will welcome you back every single time!

Article made with help of NicheDesign, Cairns web design company.

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