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Considering the immense competition in the blogging industry, it will be no surprise to hear that bloggers are attempting to locate and utilise the latest SEO tools to increase the traffic to their website. Bearing this in mind, here are the top ten SEO tools for blog owners.

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader
HubSpot have re-launched their famous Website Grader over recent times and the new product is just as impressive. The software provides users with free advice on how to improve their website, social media use or even pinpoint at just how their site fares in comparison with competing platforms. The fact it can be completed via a simple form makes the tool exceptionally popular amongst a lot of bloggers.

When it comes to SEO tools, few people will not have heard of SEOmoz. The company offer a variety of services to blog owners and while they do offer a free trial, most of the time users will have to pay. Fees can be quite expensive, with some being as much as $499 per month, yet the fact that SEOmoz provide such extensive keyword, social and ranking tracking means that many users are more than happy to pay for the privilege of using such a detailed tool.

In comparison to some of the other offerings discussed, there’s no getting away from the fact that Pingdom is a much simpler tool. In short, the tool allows blog owners to enter a URL and find out the exact time it takes to access that particular website. It also provides information on any issues which are slowing down the blog.

Google Optimizer
As well as owning the best search engine in the world, Google has also established itself as an exceptional provider of webmaster tools. Google Optimizer is another of their hugely impressive products that work for bloggers and is charged with the task of testing elements of a user’s website to see which aids the most conversions. As you would expect, the reporting within Google Optimizer is second to none.

Google Trends
Another tool by Google that webmasters will find useful is Trends. This is a very good tool if you are not sure what keywords to target for your blog, as the service highlights how particular keywords are performing through various stages through time. It also provides suggestions and shows how these compare to the word you have originally specified.

However, those bloggers looking for the ultimate SEO tool should look no further than Wordtracker. For years this service has been regarded in a hugely positive light as it allows people to find out approximately how many times various keywords are searched for. It also provides alternatives to these keywords and the fact that it’s possible to take a free trial makes it a very popular offering.

SEO Digger
When it comes to SEO competition, few tools even come close to SEO Digger though. The service will provide umpteen search engine performance results on any website on the internet, whether it is the best performing keywords or just how much traffic these keywords send over to the site. This makes it an exceptional resource for those studying how to make their blog improve in the SERPS.

Search Engine Land
In comparison to the other tools on the list, this is certainly a different type of resource. Instead of being a tool, Search Engine Land is a blog but is widely regarded as one of the best of its kind. It provides various studies on search engine rankings, as well as the usual tips and opinion on how to fare better in the SERPS.

SEO Toolbar
Considering the fact the SEO Toolbar is developed by SEO Book, it’s no surprise to see it’s got such a great reputation. Over 500,000 webmasters are said to use the tool and it provides these individuals with information on PageRank, links, site age and estimated traffic for each page that is visited.

Google Keyword Tool
Even though the Google Keyword Tool is available primarily for Adwords users, there’s no doubt that millions of blog owners will utilise the service for their SEO needs. By typing in a phrase on the tool, it’s possible to find out how popular that keyword is, how much advertisers are bidding and what similar keywords could be targeted.

Liam is a SEO manager and online blogger who writes about sports, in particular golf, football and cricket. He also likes to keep his readership informed of any attractive bet bonus when it comes along.

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