Review of HP Pavilion Elite e9120f


Review of HP Pavilion Elite e9120f

Pros: HP Pavilion Elite has a great multimedia production performance for its value and it has plenty of RAM and it also has Blu Ray drive and Wi Fi features which are increasingly desired and required.

Cons: This is a great system for those who are going to use it for 3D gaming and it has exclusively removable storage bays which lower the chance of upgrading the drives.

This PC is one of those great ones which have successfully balanced the performance level of the applications with its price in the mainstream systems and it provides some upgrading and it is a great option if there is no need for high quality graphics performance.

The main specifications of this system are as follows; it processes on AMD Phenom 2 x4910 with a speed of 2.6 GHz. the memory is 8 GB and the hard drive storing capacity is 1 terabyte. The optical drives it possesses are BD ROM, DVD and RW and the graphics is an ATI Redeon High Definition one. Finally the operating system is a Windows Vista.

This system is a great choice for many who are after a system that is solid and has a strong performance, cost and also a system which has plenty of expansion choice. Since it is sold at $740 it might be a great one for a higher range budget system and nowadays it is one of the most capable ones that is around.

The design of the Pavilion Elite has been changed a little with extra 2 USB ports and a 15 format flash memory car reader. It is still black with some silver parts. Something that may interest many is a feature which was present in the recent models of Elite which is the software for back up. There is a button which is just in the center of the front and it enables an automatic backup to network drive. At the bottom left of the front there is 1 more USB, 1 Fire Wire, mic and headphone jacks available. There is a swing out door that has some more ports and at the back of the system there is 1 Fire Wire, Ethernet (Gigabit), 4 USB, 1 analog audio and digital audio out jacks.

This system has showed that it is a good 3D gaming system but not perfect since the tests it has been through show.

All in all this system is a good one to go for and it is sold at just under $740. this is a price which is just great and it provides plenty of expansion for those who are not pleased with the interior components.

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