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This system offers a high mixture of a mid-rated game performer. It is quick in some other tasks and it is a good one for family use or for those who work from home in their home office. Along with these this system will be able to keep its users entertained too.

Main specifications of this system are as follows;

it processes on Intel Core i5 750 at a speed of 2.66 GHz and the memory is 8GB while the hard drive storing capacity is 1 Terabyte. There is a DVD and RW optical drive and the graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce with 1.5 terabytes of memory. Lastly the OS is a Window 7 Home Premium.

System which were quite similar to HP Pavilion have generally lacked the upgrading potential and but they still provided a good performance. This PC is quite similar to those general ones too since it offers the similar interior. This is a highly impressing PC with its good components and especially since the graphics is very good it provides a good resolution which is great for those who are going to use their system mainly for gaming. Those who are not pleased with the RAM this system comes which is 8GB then it is possible to increase it up to 16GB.

When looking at the exterior expansion there is plenty of ports and slots available. There is a free 5.25 inch drive bay along with a used one and if there is a need for some extra space it could be used to install a personal media drive which is a USB hard drive of HP.

The design of this system is a plain black with some silver parts and it has a glossy finish. at the back of the system there are 6 USB ports at the back and 3 at the front. it also possess a 15 format flash car reader and there are many more jacks such as the mic and headphone and slots that make this system a quite handy one to go for.

This PC has been through many tests to check its performance and compare it against some other PCs and it showed that it performs admiring for its price. It is sold at $989 and available at many stores.

Pros: This is an impressive combination of CPU, RAM and hard drive and there is plenty of room available for expansion.

Cons: it has a weak graphics and the exterior design looks old fashioned and it is a little high priced.

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