5 Reasons Why Guest Posting Is Good For SEO


Guest posting has now become an inseparable part of SEO strategies to promote blog, website or business. If you are running a blog or a website, guest posting is one of solid link building strategies that will make your site safe and can stand up to human inspection from Google. There are many other benefits that you can achieve from guest posting and the followings are five main SEO benefits of guest posting that you have to know.

 1. Build quality inbound links

Although Google has announced that it penalizes over-optimized sites, it still considers the number of inbound links that a site has to determine the site’s rankings. If you publish guest posts on trusted sites, you will get quality inbound links that have a good value to search engines. The more guest posts you publish on various trusted sites, you can improve your site’s visibility in the search results and you encourage Googlebot to crawl your site deeper and even in a more frequent basis.

 2. Create solid link profile structure

Getting links from various quality sources is very important these days to place your site on the first page. Unlike buying links that gives short term victory, getting links from guest posting is good for the long term because it creates a solid link profile especially if you get links from highly trusted and high-authority websites or blogs in your niche.

 3. Get targeted traffic

Guest posting opens up an opportunity to reach new, targeted visitors. People who like your guest posts will click on your links to find out other posts that you posted on your site. Even some of them can become loyal visitors of your site. Many site owners who run affiliate programs on their sites have reported that traffic from guest posting helps to increase their conversion, which results in more money flows into their account.

4. Proactive promotion for your stuffs

If you have an eBook, infographic, affiliate program or long blog post that you want to promote, guest posting is one of the effective ways to get exposure on any of your promoted stuffs. Additionally, the more links you get for pages of your sites, search engines would consider that your pages are important and place them on the top search results.

 5. Increase brand visibility

In the era of authority, brand visibility is very important and guest posting is a sure way to increase the visibility of your business in your chosen niche. Although you can also pay for advertising to increase your brand visibility, many experts consider that a few high quality guest posts are more effective and impactful than paid advertising. Therefore, as long as you can build strong relationship with your potential customers through guest posting, your brand visibility will go viral.

Lastly, if you want to gain the most benefits from guest posting, you have to mix up the anchor texts, publish articles only on trusted or authority sites in your niche, avoid placing lots of links, and keep it natural. If you follow all these rules, you’ll have a solid link profile and you can gain all the benefits of guest posting as mentioned above.

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