Logitech Launches Google TV Device for $300


Logitech finally showed off its impending Revue Set-Top TV device on Wednesday; this Logitech’s device will be the first Consumer Electronics Product that will take full advantage of the search giant Google’s latest Internet Television System.

Logitech’s Revue was basically first announced by the company at Google’s I/O conference in the month of May, but at that time very few details were available for the consumers and the users. But on Wednesday, Logitech’s Revue was officially listed for a pre-order sale on the website of the company. The price tag which Logitech has framed for the device is $300.

Moreover, the users of the Dish Network will have an advanced integration with Logitech’s Revue and the subscribers of the Dish will get a reduced rate for the purchase of the box. These subscribers will get the box for a price tag of almost $179. The device will also be available in the BestBuy Stores and the pre-order Revue’s are somewhat scheduled to start shipping by the end of this month October.

Google TV which the search giant announced in the month of May is basically Android based Software that combines web access with the TV and also gives access to the TV, loads of other multimedia contents including apps, videos and sites from the entire web. Users with this new Google TV technology can readily switch between their TV channels and the contents on the Web. Google TV also allows the access to the Web Browsers and other applications.

Google partnered with various other tech giants for its Google TV project; these companies include Intel, Adobe, Sony and Logitech. Logitech’s Revue will be pre-installed with loads of applications like NBA, HBO and Napster.

The company said on its website that this is just the beginning of a new era in the TV and Web Industry. With hundreds of developers creating amazing apps for the Android Platform, there is no limit that what this new device will be able to do.

The Logitech’s Revue comes with a number of accessories including a keyboard controller and a HD camera. Logitech also announced add-ons and applications for its latest Logitech’s Revue apart from its formal launching. The controller is a $130 device and has a touch pad as well. The applications acting as controller will also be available on iPhone, iPad and Android market shortly.

Logitech is going to face an immediate competition as Sony is also launching its device which is Google TV software based. Other companies are also aiming for the internet based TV and will be launching their products soon. Let’s see which company will hold the greatest market share. Logitech being the pioneer will definitely have some edge.

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