Why Your Company Should Choose Hosted Voice Over a Traditional Phone System


Hosted VoiceToday’s changing business world offers you lots of choice and convenience on how you want to run things. Unlike running a business in the past, having effective communication between your employees in this day and age can ensure that employee productivity is at an all time high. Traditional phone systems don’t cut it anymore; if you want your company’s communication to be as efficient as it can be, you should consider going with a hosted voice service. You’ll find that it’s relatively cheap cost and outstanding features will make you question why you kept that obnoxious phone system for so long.

Fewer problems

While traditional phone systems have been getting more and more advanced, their features still can’t match those of a hosted voice system. We’ve all worked in a place with a horrible phone system, with problems like dropped calls for people on hold, or the runaround when transferring to name a few. If you choose a hosted voice system, a lot of the problems you encounter with a complicated, clunky phone system go away. If there ever is a problem, usually whatever company is hosting your system will be able to figure it out quickly. With a traditional phone system, any sort of problem to the network can cause long outages that could even result in lost customers (or lessened employee productivity, since communication is tougher).

Better features

Usually new technology comes with newer, more advanced features. This is definitely the case for hosted VoIP PBX for businesses. With hosted voice, you won’t lose any of the features you already have with your traditional phone system, and you’ll be gaining a lot. One huge advantage of hosted voice over a traditional phone system is you’ll be able to use your one phone number on a variety of phones in different locations. If you step away from your desk for lunch but are worried about missing an important call, simply find a portable phone and sign in and you’ll be good to go.

If you do choose a hosted voice system, one feature that could be incredibly valuable to your company is visual voicemail. If you have an iPhone, you may be familiar with Apple’s visual voicemail, but visual voicemail from a hosted voice system differs. You can set your system to email audio files of voicemails to you, complete with all of the information about the call. You can even get PDFs of voicemail transcripts send directly to your inbox. Being able to see all your messages in your email inbox makes it easier for your employees to prioritize which emails are most urgent, which will increase productivity.


Looking at all the features that a hosted voice system offers, you might initially think that the cost may be too high for your company to afford. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In many cases, having a hosted voice system may be even more cost efficient than a traditional phone system. This is especially true if you combine hosted voice with a ADSL internet package.

Managing a traditional voice system can be extremely costly, especially if the entire system needs to be updated every few years. With a hosted voice system, you can find calling plans that fit your company, no matter how big or how small. Saving money on long distance hotel calls is a start, but when you calculate roughly how much money you’ll be saving total, you’ll see that choosing a hosted voice system really is the way to go for your company.

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