HTC 7 Pro


HTC 7 Pro

Is it a surprise that HTC finally decided to create a phone with a Window 7 OS? Not entirely. When Windows Phone 7 was produced, it was considered inadequate compared to Android who had already dominated the smart phone realm, including HTC. However, as time has passed, many phones have at least tried the Windows OS. HTC 7 Pro was the test product of collaboration between Windows and HTC. This device is the latest handset to be released with a Window 7 Operating System.

It is 5.9 mm tall, 15.5 mm wide and 117.5 mm thick. It is quite thin for a phone with an additional QWERTY phone. Even if its thickness does not demonstrate the extra QWERTY keyboard, the weight does. The phone weighs 185 grams which is above average. The phone is only available in black, but in certain lights it is more of a gray than black.

The design on the front is kept simple with just the back button, the home button, and the search button. This adds to the theme that Windows has about making phones that are suitable for your life; phones that are quick and easy to use. The back has a brushed aluminum effect making it sturdy as well as stylish. The volume button is located on the left side in addition to the microUSB port. The right is completely dedicated to the camera button. On the top you can find the lock button and the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The display screen is 3.6” in size and is a TFT capacitive touch screen. The resolution of this device is 480 x 800 pixels, which is common for most phones that have a Windows Operating System.

The QWERTY keyboard keeps the HTC 7 Pro unique. Instead of just being a basic slider, the screen actually tilts when you slide it. The tilt provides comfort and ease for the avid texter. The keyboard has well-spaced separate keys, making it more difficult to press multiple buttons at once. The keys are lit up by an LED backlight which means that you do not have to use the light of the screen to try to test in your sleep the device also has individual number keys, instead of number keys that are only accessible through the function key.

The device has a 1 GHz processor in addition to the Window 7 operating system. The device is known to be quick and without many glitches. Some of the other features on the phone are Bluetooth 2.1, Xbox live integration, as well as a built-in GPS antenna.

The Pro has a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and an LED flash. It has multiple photo modes such as candlelight, landscape and portrait. The camera is also capable of taking 720p video, which is considered high definition.

The HTC 7 pro is equipped with a 1500 mAH rechargeable lithium ion battery. The average tested talk time for this device was 7 hours. Standby time was averaged at 420 hours.

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  1. Interesting post Looks like a really good phone i am wanting Windows 7 Operating System on my next phone. The talk time is good also and it has a 5m pixel camera. i hav a Blackbery but don;t like it

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