8 Ways Criminals Use Technology To Get The Edge On You


If you’re a trusting person and you want to stay that way, you probably shouldn’t read this article.

But if you’re someone who prefers to stay in the know and stay one step ahead of criminals as computer-based technology advances faster every day, you should probably keep reading.

You see, the simple truth is that criminals are out there, and they are interested in using technology to get the edge on you. The only way to beat them is to prepare and stay one step ahead; you can’t beat the criminals after they’ve already made their move. But you’d be surprised at how easy crime prevention can be when you put a little time and effort into protecting yourself. Reading the following ways criminals like to use technology to get the edge on you is step number one.

Facebook: A Haven for Criminals?

So many of us use Facebook these days that we surf over to it in the mornings with nary a thought. “Hey, am I on the computer?” your brain figures. “Might as well click over to Facebook.”

But this should give you pause: Facebook is rife with opportunities for criminals looking to gain the upper hand. That doesn’t mean you’re necessarily being tracked down by con artists every day, but it does mean you should be aware of how criminals use Facebook. Here are some of their methods.

1: Hacking your Facebook account to steal your identity.

2: Using Facebook friend connections to scam you out of money.

3: Using your account – or someone else’s – to spam or spread a virus.

4: Posing as a friend to gain access to identifying information.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should keep your Facebook password strong and safe, the answer is yes. If you’re wondering whether you should go so far as avoiding adding friends you don’t know? The answer’s still yes. Be vigilant.

Email: The Gateway to Your Identity

While Facebook is certainly one opportunity for criminals to hack into your information, the real holy grail of hackers is your email. In your email, you likely have passwords saved, accounts stashed away, and treasure troves of highly personal information that need to be locked away.

If you’re wondering how to stop criminals using technology to get the edge on you today, protecting your email should be paramount. Here are some more ways criminals are looking to use technology against you, this time using email:

5. Directly hacking in to your email by guessing a password.

6. Emailing you with scam emails to retrieve credit card information, social security numbers, and other identifying information.

7. Using a hacked email to pose as one person and retrieve money from a personal contact.

8. Using identifying information gathered through email to hack your other accounts.

Once you see how all of your online and technology accounts are connected, you see the importance of keeping them locked tightly down. Create stronger passwords, change them regularly, and make sure you keep your identifying information as secret as possible.

Meg Jones is a marketing strategist for Phoenix Lock Master, a Phoenix-Mesa area locksmith. Look here to find the services available 24/7 for lockouts, security issues and all locksmithing needs.

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