Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blue Ray Players


Blu-ray discs are in an optical format, and they store hi-definition movies and games. These discs are shown in full HD picture quality. They are easy to use since they have the same look and feel as a normal DVD and the user menus are the same as well. Blu-ray players can also play both DVDs and CDs.

While Blu-ray players reign over DVD players, however, you should investigate the many pros and cons of a Blu-ray player before buying one.

  • Pro: Picture Quality

    The picture quality of a Blu-ray player and disc is much better than that of your standard HD DVD player. Blu-ray can display pictures in 1080p technology, which is better than cable and satellite.

  • Con: Price

    If you are on a budget, it may not be feasible for you to purchase a Blu-ray player right now. Blu-ray players can run you close to $200. On the other hand, you can usually find a DVD player for under $50.

  • Pro: Movies

    There are many more selections of Blu-ray movies now than when they first came out. Companies such as Netflix and Blockbuster also have a large Blu-ray selection of movies as well.

  • Con: Poor Interactive Features With Future Blu-Ray Discs

    Blu-ray players are not made to handle the interactive features of Blu-ray movies that will be out in the future. These features will include things such as being able to download ringtones for your cell phone, chat live with other Blu-ray owners as well as access movie trailers through the internet. The only exception to this is the Playstation 3, which can double as a Blu-ray player because you are able to watch Blu-ray movies and play Blu-ray games on the Playstation 3, complete with interactive features.

  • Pro: Bundling

    Some television manufacturers are now including free Blu-ray players when you purchase a TV. This is perfect if you are in the market for a new TV. If you purchase the right one, you may also come home with a brand-new, free Blu-ray player.

  • Con: Digital Downloads

    Many people are turning to digital downloads to conveniently watch movies at home. If too many users decide that digital downloads are the way to go, the Blu-ray industry may end up sinking, leaving you with an expensive Blu-ray player and a collection of nearly obsolete Blu-ray discs.

  • Pro: Movie Ownership

    When you purchase a Blu-ray disc, you own it free and clear. This is in contrast to cable Video on Demand service where you pay a fee for a movie, but you do not own it. With these types of services, you are normally allowed to watch the movie only for a day or two.

  • Con: Movie Price

    Blu-ray movies are typically much pricier than your standard DVD’s. Standard DVDs cost around $15 whereas Blu-ray discs will set you back about twice as much at $30.

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