Types & Benefits Of Click To Call Communication


Click to Call is a type of web based communication whereby an individual clicks a button, text or image located on a website and requests to communicate immediately with another individual via phone call, text or VoIP also known as Voice over Internet Protocol. In this type of communication, a user needs to have an internet enabled computer while the person receiving that call or request needs to have a telephone or computer. This technology is mainly used in lead generation where marketers utilise the function to attract customers. This type of lead generation is simple as a prospective client can get in touch with representatives of the company with just a simple click on the company’s website.

Click to Call is an affordable way in which businesses can increase their sales without draining their bank accounts. With Click to Call technology, businesses can select various ways in which to implement it on their websites. One method that can be adopted is computer to computer where you set up your computer with IM or internet messengers and users who have the same type of IM installed on their computers can communicate with you over the internet. However, this process might not work if the user is not familiar with setting up such messengers.

The second option of Click to Call that is available is connecting one computer to a telephone. In this scenario, users who want to contact your business can click a link on your website and initiate a call via the messenger that is installed on their computers. The call they make is then transferred to the relevant department in your company. This method is cheap as the company will only be charged a lower fee for the outgoing call. A business that desires to save money need to consider this type of Click to Call.

Lastly, Click to Call can also be done through communicating with the users via phone. It works like this; whenever users click a link on your website, a phone call is initiated and they are transferred to the right department where the conversation takes place via phone rather than using the computer. This type of Click to Call communication technique is preferred by people who are not comfortable communicating online and prefer to make traditional phone conversations. However, this method is expensive as the company gets charged both for the incoming and outgoing calls. If your company has a large budget and can afford it, this method bay be beneficial.

The main benefit of Click to Call over other methods of communication such as email is that, the response rate is high. Calls are received within seconds, thus increasing the chance of a potential client becoming a customer.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.

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