HTC Desire Z


HTC Desire Z

The HTC Desire Z was released in November of 2010, but it continues to be a big hit among the smart phone community. The Desire Z is the sequel to the original HTC Desire, which was also known as a powerful phone.

It is known for having great security features though HTC Sense. HTC Sense allows Desire Z owners to go online and forward phone calls to another phone. The program also allows the user to send files to and from their phone. It also allows the user to wipe the phone when there are private files on it and they lose it.

The phone is black, with a lighter gray rim around the screen.  The material of the exterior has a brushed metal effect making the phone look high-end, but feels smooth to the touch.  The Desire Z pops open and reveals a QWERTY keyboard for those who do not like touch keyboards. The QWERTY keyboard is also more desirable for long periods of typing. The keys on the keyboards have a backlight so it is possible to use it even in the dark.

The phone has what is referred to as a “Z-hinge”. Basically the phone doesn’t slide open; rather, it lifts up and forms the shape of a Z until put in place. The z-hinge is the namesake of this HTC phone.

The Desire Z is 119mm in height, 60.4mm in width and 14.2mm thick. It is 180 grams which is quite heavy compared to the average smartphone, but that is to be expected with the addition of the QWERTY keyboard. The screen is a 3.7 inch LCD display and has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It is also a multi-touch keyboard which allows for faster typing. HTC optimizes both the QWERTY keyboard and the touch keyboard. Also, this phone is known for having a super responsive touchscreen.

The HTC Desire Z is run on an 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7230 processor. The device has Android 2.2.3 Gingerbread, which is a great and updated operating system. There is quite a bit of storage on the Z. It has 512 MB of RAM and 1.5 GB of ROM. In total, the Desire Z has 1524 MB of storage. HTC also throws in a 8GB microSD card, but it can handle up to 32GB. The phone also comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS capabilities. It comes preloaded with Bluetooth v.2.1.

The camera is a 5MP resolution camera. It has numerous adjustment modes and has auto-focus and Geo-tagging effects. It also contains a LED flash. The phone has the ability to capture HD quality videos (720p). The phone is lacking a front-facing camera which is rare for a smartphone, but the Desire Z has so many great qualities that it isn’t missed.

The HTC Desire Z has a 1300mAH rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Users have claimed that they can get 6.6 hours of talk time using it, however, with general use, you could probably get a full days use.

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