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Smart phones are all the rage for the modern generation and while the iPhone seems to be the most hyped of them all, there are still a vast number of users who prefer the look and feel of the Windows Mobile platform. The number of apps available for this platform is certainly smaller than the pool of iPhone apps. However, many fun free apps are available for Windows Mobile users.

The Core Pocket Media Player

Also known as TCPMP, The Core Pocket Media Player is a free entertainment app for the Windows Mobile platform. TCPMP users can stream live media, videos, watch movies and even listen to music; all while using a single application. Plus, it’s simple to use, making it a must-have fun app for every Windows Mobile user.

JRTopSoft Music Trainer Lite

This fun music-based game discretely doubles as an educational tool. JRTopSoft Music Trainer Lite is perfect not only for advanced musicians, but also for beginners and those who know absolutely nothing about music theory. This Windows Mobile app teaches its players to read musical notes through different games.


Kervtris is a free game app for Windows Mobile that is almost identical to the world famous Tetris. This free app comes complete with three different levels of game play and several different versions of the game, providing users with hours of endless, time-wasting fun.


This free mobile web browser for the Windows Mobile platform is a great way to browse the internet. Besides, what’s more fun than browsing the web? This app mimics the feel of an internet browser on a PC, complete with the experience of full images, video and audio. Since it’s for a Windows Mobile user, it supports not only Windows Media videos, but also Flash, which the iPhone cannot. Take that, iPhone

PDAcraft Paint

Similar to the popular Windows program, Paint, this free app known as PDAcraft Paint allows users to draw directly onto the touch screen of their phone. Using the stylus, users can do just about anything they can do in the original Paint program including draw lines, shapes, add icons and text, erase or even zoom in on drawings. Plus, there are 16 million colors to choose from.

The iPhone isn’t the only smart phone out there with a plethora of fun free apps to choose from. Windows Mobile has its fair share of great games, multimedia players, web browsers and more.

About the Author: Karine Kruger loves her Windows Media phone but can’t wait to see the arrival of her Samsung Galaxy Ace. She’s a full-time writer with passion for technology and how it is used in everyday life!

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