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Push notifications are a convenient way to see what the content is on one’s cell phone. This facility makes it easier for the user of a mobile or cellular device to check what the notifications are showing instead of going through the cumbersome process of opening up the applications that are of interest to him. There are many devices that support such push notifications and Android is one of them. Furthermore, push notifications can be applied to almost any area of interest – news, sports updates and various social networking sites. It is therefore easier to see what you friends or social circle is doing with push notifications for Facebook.

Typically, with Facebook push notifications on an Android device, you can catch up with all the events and news updates that your friends share on Facebook. Keeping in touch with your Facebook account has never been easier. Enabling push notifications for Facebook on your Android device is pretty simple.

Enabling push notifications for Facebook

Select the apps or click the apps button on the device and then select Facebook from the list. Then select ‘Menu’ and then ‘Settings’. Both these actions take place within the Facebook application. Once you come to the settings page, scroll down to the Notifications settings and ensure that the box for the settings is checked. The status will then change to “Active”. Android also gives you the option of setting the time it takes to show up notifications. You can select the time from the option of “Refresh Interval”. For instance, you could choose to receive notification every 30 minutes. Facebook push notifications can be further customized by way of the kind of notification – blinking LED, a vibrate alert or even a specific ring tone.

Facebook has enabled this kind of push notifications for Android applicationfor version 1.5. devices which are equipped with Android version 2.2 or higher can enjoy the benefit of push notifications for Facebook. Getting the latest version of Android is recommended in order to enjoy all the capabilities of such notifications. The push notifications from the Facebook application should have access to a Wi-Fi connection in order to be able to deliver the messages to your phone. The application should also have access to your Android device.

You will also need to ensure that your device is equipped with the latest version of Facebook. There have also been a few glitches as far as Facebook notifications for Android is concerned and one of the “remedies” that has been suggested, interestingly, involves the use of a Blackberry emulator. Facebook for Blackberry is an authorized application and therefore with the help of a Blackberry, a personal computer and the Android device, you can get Facebook push notifications for Android working smoothly as well. A very useful way to check out how Facebook push notifications for Android can help you keep in touch with friends and all your contacts on this social networking site is to check in regularly on Android online forums. This is where quite a bit platform action and information is taking place.

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