Things You Ought To Know About Intact Mass Analysis Proteins


Alphalyse is a company that puts technology into practical use to help improve the living standards of individuals through analysis of different body components. Alphalyse has dozens of employees with varying skills in the field of medicine and more so microbiology and protein analysis among others.

Things You Ought To Know About Intact Mass Analysis Proteins

Intact mass analysis proteins is a process that is used in the determination of the molecular weight organism. Intact mass analysis technology provides very accurate results which can be used in making decisions pertinent to the client’s health and prescriptions. They are two types of intact mass analysis proteins which are carried out and the choice always depends on the client. These two analysis test always vary in prices due to the difference in the quality and the features of each type of analysis.

The first option is always a direct intact mass by ESI-MS while the second option is a by ESI-MS where comparison takes place.

Test A
Intact mass by ESI-MS Intact mass by ESI-MS( comparison with proteins is carried out)
Mass of samples ranges from 0-250kDa The mass of the sample varies from 0-250
Results are ready within 4-6 days Results are always ready within 4-8 days
Samples are always more than 5ug The amount of sample ranges from 5ug
The price is $450 The price is $650
Results always include both deconvoluted data and raw data. The results are provided as both raw data, and deconvoluted data and comparison of these results and the past data provided by the client are carried out.

 Intact mass analysis has a range of applications primarily in the health sector which includes;

  • The intact mass analysis is used when looking for any modifications like oxidations, glycosylations, and acetylations among others.
  • The intact mass analysis also comes in handy in the process of determining the purity of the sample provided which translates to the purity of the client’s system and body organs.
  • The intact mass analysis also determines the mass of proteins and peptides in the sample tests. However, this analysis can only determine the mass of proteins and peptides up to 250kDa. The obtained results are used in the calculation of the mass of all proteins and peptides with the client’s body.
  • The intact mass analysis is also used in comparing results of the samples over an extended period. Analyzing the samples helps identify the progress of the client’s health and thus enabling involved physicians to take necessary measures if needed.

When it comes to analyzing the sample always plays a vital role in determining the accuracy of the result. Below are the requirements concerning the sample.

  • The sample should be between 5-15 micrograms.
  • The sample should not have any solvents in them.
  • Sample’s level of purity should be above 90% to avoid unnecessary errors and increase the accuracy of the results.
  • In most cases, clients are always advised to submit their samples in liquid form and in containers which are well covered to avoid contaminating these samples.
  • These samples should be kept at average temperatures to avoid temperatures altering the structure of the proteins.

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