HP Envy 17 Laptop: Outstanding Performance and Entertainment


HP Envy 17 Laptop

This one comes with very less weight of 7.5 pounds but extraordinary in performance and power and available for $1,699. It is not only sleek and attractive but excellent in performance. The assembly is bronze like colour having fingerprints resistance and strong enough to protect the inner parts. The keyboard unit is roomy and well lit. The buttons on the keyboard are flexible enough suiting anybody’s finger on it. The functional keys are calibrated with playback and are convenient for the users.

The touch panel is about 5 inches and has mouse buttons with clear markings of line. You can scroll through the pad with your fingers and rotate the images. But as said by HP it does not support multi finger gestures at the optimum level.

The screen display was great for watching movies and it was really amazing and produced clear image when viewed from various angles also. It has an audio system of Beats technology and hearing to music in HP Envy was really fabulous.

All the ports and sockets are placed at proper places. On the left, VGA port, Display Port and HDMI port are seen and it can be simultaneously operated by using Eye finity technology. On the left corner, another USB port, and e-SATA port are available for connecting to hard drive. Along the right side, memory card panel, power chord and a couple of USB ports are seen.

The web camera in HP envy gave outstanding photos which resembled much like our skin tones. A little noise was produced when it takes a shot which is negligent.

The Envy 17 did perform well when subjected to tests. The score was average on Vantage test with only marginal difference from the median. Numerous tests on encoding were conducted and the laptop showed good results on it. The device was able to rule out several other competitors in Cine bench test also. All the above results indicate that the laptop is capable of doing multi tasks and can do heavy productivity related tasks efficiently.

The Envy 17 from HP performed well in tests belonging to graphic chips. It showed excellent frames in one second and you can play 3D games well enough in this device.

One big drawback of this model is its low battery life. If you need more usage then you should be carrying power chord for charging. Even though the device has more software it does not support bloat ware. The system does not contain MS-Office in its application but you can buy starter edition of MS-Office 2010 without paying any extra money. HP offers 2 years of warranty for its hardware in Envy 17.

This model is not meant for LAN party/ professional’s choice. It is also not meant for full games as workstation. However, music is simply outstanding in this model, and also movies are great to watch in this screen. With all these features and less weight this is the ideal laptop for perfect entertainment through its huge 17 inches screen and outstanding performance.

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