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Travelling is one of the most polluting things human beings take part in. Whether it’s by car or by plane, travelling adds a larger carbon-footprint for everyone, so if going ‘green’ is your new resolution or you just love to do ‘your bit’ which are the gadgets that can help you be as planet-friendly as possible?


Eagle Creek Luggage Review – HC2 Hovercraft 20 Upright

Carrying heavy bags on holiday is always a chore, but with the nifty travel bags from Eagle Creek Luggage you can travel in serious eco-friendly-style. The bag boosts two ‘green’ credentials:

1. it’s made from sustainable materials

2. Its lines and structure are made with as little waste as possible.

It’s a bad designed for the eco-conscious traveller.


Merkury Innovations Speakers (Unboxing)

Everyone loves to take their favourite portable speakers away with them, but it’s the 21st century; let’s move on a little. You can do this by buying the Eco Speakers from Merkury Innovations – and rest assured, these things are seriously eco-friendly. They are made from 70% recycled materials and you can even get the casings in a plain brown cardboard material so the kids can colour them in.

The perfect, green and eco-friendly set of speakers for the modern family.

Beep, Beep!

Little Squirt – The Bedol Eco Friendly Water Powered Alarm Clock

Batteries are bad for the environment, so what better way to run an alarm clock than by using water? That’s right; water! This amazing, little alarm clock made by Bedol runs on a small tank of water which can last for around six months before you take it to the tap.

It’s a basic travel accessory which is unbelievably innovative, clever and green.

Steripen Traveller

Steripen Handheld Water Purifier

What’s the most important thing on a trip abroad when you’re seriously roughing it? Water, of course! And not just any water, but clean water. There can be lots of parasites and bacteria in water and the Steripen Traveller is the main tool against your combat of water illness.

It uses ultraviolet light to purify water and should keep you healthy while you go on your adventures.


Thinksound – High Definition Wood Headphones

Head and earphones on a plane journey are essential bits of kit, but now there are eco-friendly phones for the eco-friendly traveller. They’re called Thinksound Wood headphones and are 100% recyclable and PVC-free, so you can feel good about saving the world while you listen to your favourite tracks.

Solio BOLT Charger

Solio Bolt Solar Charger – Demo Video

Ever run out of juice in your electric device on holiday and need a top up? No problem, charge them up and charge them in a ‘green’ way with the clever Solio BOLT charger. This device uses solar panels to soak up sun rays, and then it allows you to charge your device up from its USB port.

Very clever but very effective.

Playstation Vita

PlayStation Vita Review

Okay, okay; so the Playstation Vita isn’t exactly a ‘green’ gadget, but it’s a gadget nonetheless and is one of those new types of devices which are becoming essential for long journeys. Like the iPad, the Vita will keep you and your kids entertained for hours.

Hybrid or Electric

2012 Nissan LEAF – Drive Time Review with Steve Hammes

Let’s say you’re in a city centre and you fancy hiring a car, you’re likely to be given some gas-guzzling saloon, but if you’re on an eco-trip this could ruin your plans. Why not ask for a hybrid or an electric car for your city viewing? It’ll save you a lot in your carbon footprint.

WiFi Charger

CES 2010: RCA Airnergy – WiFi Energy Harvester

This one could be less believable, but trust us; it does exist. The Airnergy WiFi charger basically takes WiFi signals from hotspots and converts them into electric power which you can then use to charge up your device while you’re away.

Clever is just not the word!

Camera Strap

You’re away on holiday and you want to take pictures, we all do it. But how can you boost your green credentials when taking snaps? Easy, with Weng Jie’s revolutionary solar camera strap. It’s only at concept stage at the moment but Jie’s invention could be something for the future of travel gadgets. Just imagine being able to have full battery charge for your camera all day!

Now that your green travel gadgets are taken care of, why not visit First Choice, where you can book last minute holiday deals.

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