A Short Review On The Nokia N8


The Nokia N8 so far, is the best handset offered by Nokia. It is powered with the latest Symbian operating system, and equipped with a 12 megapixel camera with Xenon flash. Aside from taking great pictures, the phone is also capable of taking HD videos. The responsive touchscreen is pinch-and-zoom capable, plus the phone has a GPS system with free maps and navigation software. The 16GB internal memory makes it an all around high end phone, plus the battery life is long enough for you to enjoy hours of listening to your favorite music.

Nokia is working on getting the Symbian ^3 as its operating system, and the N8 is the first device that uses it. This phone just might be the answer to Nokia’s dilemma, and keep it as the top phone manufacturing company in the industry.

The N8 is about the same width and height as the iPhone 4, and has a 3.5 inch display screen. The phone gives a solid feel with its anodized paint that is scratch-proof, plus aluminum body that encloses the battery. Since the battery is not removable, the memory card and SIM are inserted into the covered slots located at the side of the phone.

Since the screen is AMOLED, the resolution is much better compared to other smartphone units however, it doesn’t come close to that of the HTC Desire or the iPhone 4. The N8 has three home screens which can be interchanged with the swipe of your finger.

What’s good about the N8 is that its touchscreen responds quickly to the touch, compared to older Symbian phone units. Although it has a fast processor, the device can still slow down when used for multi-tasking. Old Symbian users will have no difficulty adapting since the Symbian^3 is an evolution which is worth the warm welcome.

If you no longer use your N8 and are looking for answers to the questions of “How can I sell my phone” then look no further, as there is a range of cash for phone schemes and online compare and recycle companies that will help you get the best deals for your old Nokia.

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