6 Best Android Apps for Health and Fitness


Gone is the spring and summer is moving towards its peak — it is time to have outside and be in shape. It is right that your iPhone has lots of apps for tracking the calories and kilometers to be in shape. However, there are abundance of health concerning apps in the market of Android, too.

Here eight greatly rated paid and also free android apps which will assist you obtain and live in shape. Please, let us know in the comments about the apps that assist you to get outdoors.

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Sometimes it is impossible to stand firm against the attraction of fast food. Whether you are in a rush or have a unexpected desire for a Frosty, this app will assist you to lessen the terrible effects of a lot of mayonnaise-drenched, fried and tasty snacks. This app tracks and provides facts for almost nine thousands items from seventy and two restaurants for fast food. Data takes account of calories, fiber, fat grams, protin and carbs. You can also get a free edition of this app that is, Fast Food Calorie Counter Lite.

CardioTrainer + Racing

This app unites the free CardioTrainer along a racing app that face up to users to hit their own best times. Inspirational qualities consist of a virtual race motivator with a voice informing the user precisely how much distance behind or ahead he is. Along with the running component, the free CardioTrainer app can be improved with a weight loss module, for which you have to pay another 2.99 dollars in the market of Android.

This functions great as it is very stirring. You can beat your previous times with no trouble. It is an ideal running coach.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

This is a very useful app for runners, joggers, cyclists, rollerbladers, or the people who merely like to get a walk from time to time. It will assist you to track your time, kilometers, speed and height, and maintain a history of your exercises. This app incorporate with Google Maps and your audio playlist along with the website to let you know for a more thorough analysis of your improvement.

Beer Gut Fitness

If you are concerned about your eating of empty calories from all those frigid beers you sketch to drink this summer, then this might be the right app for you. It informs you when you are in safe hands to have a drink regarding calories and when you necessitate to workout.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

This is a easy tool for those who would like to maintain track of their calories and some more nutrition details. This app also records the suggested every day intake for a you to attain your fitness and weight targets.

AllSport GPS

Many users are enthusiastic about the abilities of this app. AllSport GPS permit you to track ways, distance, time, speed and the calories you burn. You get maps, virtual races, downloadable paths, height and graphs of your speed. This app also allows you to share exercises online, as well as on Facebook.

Kashif contributes to, a new blog that among many things offers solutions for low calorie meal deliveries. The site has a wealth of information on dieting, home fitness, and weight loss for women.

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