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Insurance Companies That “Get” Twitter Customer Service


Social networking has transformed the way people communicate and network with each other. Making phone calls, writing letters, and waiting in lines at stores have taken a backseat to commenting on people’s posts on these sites. Most people today prefer to use social media to resolve their issues and to find out new information. In a response to this transformation, more companies are using social networking to reach out to their existing and new clients.

People who use these sites are now accustomed to gaining information quickly and having their concerns addressed promptly. They do not want to wait for an agent to research their concern and have less patience for speaking with someone face-to-face. Even more, many individuals access Twitter through their cell phones or through their tablet computers. They are used to having instant facts at their fingertips at a moment’s notice.

As such, when they have an insurance question about their policy, they often tweet their questions to their insurance company on Twitter. They use this media first, rather than make a phone call, send an email, or write a letter to their insurer. Accessing customer service through Twitter comes naturally to most people nowadays.

With that, insurance companies who use Twitter demonstrate to their clients that they understand their lifestyles and the way that they do business. They show that their company wants to stay on top of technology and be in sync with their customers. They are committed to providing answers quickly and not making their customers have to wait for a resolution to any concerns their clients may have.

Agents who man the company’s Twitter accounts also can help their employer let Twitter customers know about upcoming changes and new features. Companies still often make this information available on their websites. They may even mail out letters and fliers to customers. However, the most rapid way to make their client base aware of these facts is to post them on their social networking profiles.

After releasing this information, Twitter agents can address questions and worries of their customers. They can post links, photos, and other helpful items that assist the people in understanding the changes about to take place. Customers can share this information with others by retweeting the posts and also by posting it on other social media profiles. By using this form of communication, companies save time, money, and effort. They make it easy for their Twitter followers to be forewarned of any forthcoming additions or changes.

Because Twitter continues to grow in popularity, insurance companies who “get” Twitter customer service often stand out as industry leaders in providing service to their clients. Social networking is the cutting edge in customer service.

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