The Addiction behind Radio Ball 3D


The Addiction behind Radio Ball 3D

The Radio ball 3D (free demo, $2.22 full version) is a very electrifying and addictive game that leaves one yearning for more. This game is accelerometer- controlled and is very fast.

When playing this game, the player is a radioactive metal ball that speeds through a tunnel that has got so many obstacles and power –ups. The player can opt to jump and turn around the entire tunnel. When confronting a lot of radio active waste one gets power-up. Once you collect three you get more power that enables you jump higher and even faster. On the screen there is an orange button that you can hit and then you get weapons, though when you do this you will no longer operate at full power. They are large objects in the game that you may not be able to avoid. You will be required to blow up these objects so as to avoid getting damaged. Note, you also get bonus points when you destroy stuff.

When you observe and see three red dots on your health meter then you are at maximum health. You lose one health point when you run into a solid object like a block or ship. The health point can be regained back by taking advantage of the health bonus.

Extra points are earned for carrying out activities such as traversing pipes, jumping from moving vans, and trampling over humans during fallout suits. The experience is full of action and to add to this you have a high quality heavy metal soundtrack. The sound may be very loud and you can mute it in case you are in the public. The settings menu has got music, sound effects and voices.

You can choose to play against other players online although you will not necessarily be racing on the same track or even at the same time. The idea behind this would be to get more points that another person. If you love betting then you can also do so.

The accelerometer controls can be described as being quite responsive. One cannot jump as many times as you would want as this is controlled. You have to wait for some few seconds before you can make another jump. This is a limitation that can be very costly.

One disadvantage about this game is that it lacks in variety. It is just one big and long level game with no additions to spice it up. Radio Ball has it’s challenges which may vary from one player to another.

Generally, Radio Ball is a very addictive and fast paced game. The graphics are well presented and most importantly the game is  just fun.

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