Wireless Freedom: The Top 4 Hands-Free Headsets On The Market


The main benefit of wireless communications is the hands-free feature. Users can talk and continue with their busy lives while driving, doing chores, and more. Smartphones and Wi-Fi catapulted the 21st century technology revolution into full swing. The advent of Bluetooth technology set expectations of a growing trend with cutting-edge innovation. Here is a list of the top four headsets to consider.

Wireless Freedom The Top 4 Hands-Free Headsets On The Market

Plantronics Voyager Pro

This brand is a leader in the hands-free headset market. Several of their models make many top ten lists. It has a bevy of functionality with a 33-foot range. This device can be used around the house while cooking dinner or doing the laundry. If you forget to plug it in, it has 120 hours of standby talk time. It also provides an unmatched quality of sound by mitigating noises while driving or talking indoors.

Jawbone Era

The Era model offers a powerful little addition to the selection of Bluetooth communication tools. The design provides wearers a discreet device that fits comfortably in the ear and still providing stellar reception. With a range of over 30 feet, it has maximum coverage potential. It also has noise reduction features that minimize background noises and wind sounds with dampening technology. Up to eight separate devices can synch and talk at the same time for five hours. The device includes 200 hours of standby power before a charge is needed.

BlueAnt V1

For those looking for more freedom with features, the V1 by BlueAnt is the answer. It has a total of eleven control and sound quality features. This allows users to make adjustments according to their preferences as well as being able to moderate the venue where they are located. It has five hours of talk time, a range of 30+ feet, and a battery life of 200 hours. It is highly affordable since costs less than $50.

Jabra BT8010

This is the most expense model on the list, at $150. However, it comes with many bells and whistles such as: voice activated dialing, audio playback, and tons of other features to control sound quality. It leads the pack with up to 10 hours of call time. Cutting edge technology is used in all Jabra headsets, like those available at The maximum range is up to 33 feet. It can last for 300 hours without requiring a charge. Battery life alone is a huge selling point for this model.

Bluetooth communications continues to evolve with increased functionality, crisper sounds and better reception. There is also an option to have mono or stereo sound acoustics. Some models have a feature to switch between the two. In addition, physical characteristics vary from those that fit similar to hearing aids to ones with mini-microphones.

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