Gadgets And Apps Can Help You Lose Weight


So you have tried hundreds of diets and workout routines and you still can’t fit in the jeans you used to wear in college. But have you considered using your iPad or your Android-powered tablet to lose weight? OK, many people would argue that you really don’t need modern technology to help you lose weight. But we also don’t need a computer to write reports right. We can always right in long-hand. But having a computer sure makes the task easier and more convenient to do. It’s the same with weight loss. Weight loss apps are here to make it easy to lose weight. Below are examples of these gadgets and apps.

Calorie Counters

There are apps such as MyFitnessPal that can help you count and track the calories you are consuming everyday. Some can even scan food packages to retrieve the nutritional content of the food. Of course, you can always do this manually. But in this day and age, who has the time to list down every single food he or she eats along with their corresponding nutritional value. With these apps, you only need to make entries on your tablet or smart phone.

Workout Trackers

There are also apps that can help you track the calories that you have burned. If you are into running, apps like RunKeeper and Nike+ can help you track time, the number of steps you have taken and the calories you have used up. There are also apps that can help you perform specific forms of workouts such as weight training or even yoga. These apps may not replace instructors, but they are a good substitue.

Then there are apps that can help you create a fitness plan and set fitness goals. Apps like these are very useful since they can really motivate you to work harder in achieving your goals. If you can track your progress, then you will have an idea of how far you are from your goal and the things you need to do get closer to it. For example, these apps can help you track how much time you are spending on your Needak rebounder everyday.

WiFi Scales

Gone are the days when your weight is the ultimate measurement of your fitness level. We now know that weight can come from both fat and muscle. We want to eliminate fat but we also want to have toned and strong muscles. Our diets and workouts should not only help us lose weight, they should also help us become stronger and have more energy. A better way to measure fitness level is with the use of the Body Mass Index or BMI. And the easiest way to get your BMI is with the use of a WiFI scale. Simply put, a WiFi scale is a scale that can send information tho your computer, tablet or smart phone through WiFi. All you need to do is hop on a WiFi scale and you can have instant access to your weight, fat percentage and BMI. Some WiFI scales can be used in conjunction with apps.

Indeed, technology and weight loss go hand in hand. If you need some extra help to lose weight, isn’t it good to know that support can be just a download away?

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