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There is a saying in Utah, “We Have Best Snow on Earth.” The citizens of Utah love their outdoors and winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. Certain resorts in Utah receive around 400 to 500 inches of snow a year.

All that wonderful snowfall has a price for all the winter fun that Utahans have to pay. After a long night of snow falling from the sky, you have to wake up in the morning and go to work. The worst part of snow is shoveling the sidewalk, the driveway and stairs that come with it.

Having to wake up earlier in order to shovel your driveway to be able to get your car out, is very time consuming and let’s face it, snow shoveling is not fun at all. If you are lucky and have kids you can always make them shovel snow, but then you have to hear them complain about the cold or hard it is. By the time they get around to doing it, the snow shoveling could have been completed three times already. It would have been easier to do it yourself, but your kid is right, shoveling snow is hard and it is cold.

No Shoveling

What if you could wake up in the morning and find that you do not have shovel snow. The snow is not on your sidewalk, it is not on the driveway or on the stairs. It snowed hard and heavy the previous night but you do not have to pick up a shovel to clear a path to get on with your day.

By having a driveway snowmelt system installed, you can enjoy the comfort of your home little longer rather than going out in cold to shovel or salt your driveway. Now you can have all the snow that plagues the walkways of your home melt before you even get out of bed in the morning.

Driveway snowmelt systems can work with the following driveway and sidewalk surfaces:

  • concrete
  • brick
  • asphalt
  • stone

Looking for a company to install driveway snowmelts is the first step in getting that shovel free snow day. Electric companies as well as some plumbing companies can install driveway snowmelt systems.

How Snowmelt Systems Work

Snowmelt systems are a safer way to get rid of snow than the traditional ways. When shoveling snow, there is the possibility of slipping. Snow salt and some snow melting chemicals can be dangerous. Snowmelt systems make it so you do not have to lift a finger to rid yourself of the snow.

Tubing is installed right under the surface of the driveway or sidewalk. Water is heated within the tubes when needed. A manual timer is used to pre-heat areas before the advent of a winter storm in order to melt snow and/or ice before it has a chance to accumulate.

Leave the hassle of clearing a path to a driveway snowmelt system and look into a local company that can install one for you. Snow no longer has to be a problem for you. Enjoy the fun part of snow, skiing, snowboarding or making a snow fort. Let your shoveling worries melt away with a snowmelt system.

Alysha Webster

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Alysha Webster has been writing for the plumbing industry for three months. Living in northern Utah, being able to find a quality plumber in Ogden was essential for when Alysha needed to repair her driveway snowmelt system with all the snow that comes down in the winter.

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