Beauty with the Brain – 5 Powerful SmartPhones with Looks that Kill


What good is a $300+ device if it looks like it was recovered in the Malayan historical dig site? We all agree on one thing, size matters, but not in the digital industry. Over here, only the sleek survive, the portable thrive, and the ones with the killer looks rule the jungle. No one wants a clunky old fat walnut crusher anymore. The cell phone must look the part and draw a few glazes here and there if it wants to be used by the buyer and not sold on EBay the next weekend.

Thankfully the makers know this, and they keep it in mind. Market is now flooded with Smart-phones which are not only powerful beasts, capable of an insane amount of processing and number crunching, but also good enough to be considered a fashion statement. What’s even better is the availability of styles they are available in, be it the touch screens, candy bars or even slide out Keyboards. However the huge variety of choice can simply overwhelm a first time buyer or even a seasoned Smartphone user looking for an upgrade.  You might not be satisfied with having the coolest mobile alone, you want for bragging rights and killer looks along with making a style statement at the same time.

Keeping the obscene amount of choices available to users these days, with newer and newer models launching each month; we present the top 5 phones, irrespective of their OS which will make you jump with joy.

1.   Motorola Droid 3

Motorola Droid 3
How to make a room full of executives drool? Simple, get a Motorola Droid 3. With a gorgeous 4 inch screen and supporting full 5 row hardware QWERTY slide-out keypad, this is one powerful android device supporting dual core 1Ghz processor. The 2.3 gingerbread OS serves all your business needs and more, and the easy to type keypad helps you respond to emails, create documents and browse the internet at speed of light. All this power is complimented by the executive looks and beautiful finish in this Motorola offering. The build quality is excellent, the black color oozes class, and the keypad frees up screen space when using the phone as you don’t need to fill up half of it with a virtual touch keypad.

2.   HTC Sensation XE
The HTC Sensation XE not only comes with Beats Audio and customized headsets with impressive audio. The red shade on the back cover makes it look sexy. Sure it’s a very powerful and a highly efficient smart phone, but who cares for the inside, when you look so awesome on the outside?

HTC Sensation XE

The XE is an upgrade on the previous Sensation, and with power processing, high on Multimedia options. The Beats Audio is a Dr.Dre studio`s audio enrichment implemented into the HTC Sensation XE which optimizes the audio for maximum fidelity and clarity, and the accompanying headphones bring richer treble and deeper bass to all your music. This phone is guaranteed to make heads turn and get all the ladies to “Move it Move it” on the Beats. The large screen makes using the latest gingerbread version a fun experience and the videos will look sharp on this amazingly high resolution display.

Note: The Sensation XE is yet to be launched, but it will be out sooner than later.

3 & 4.   Nokia N8 / X7
Symbian may not be as desirable as other OS out there, but Nokia just blew a fresh new breath into its Symbian line up. Despite having put all their bets on windows phone, Symbian is still one of the most widely used OS in the lower end segment of the market. Even though Android is the current leader in the Smartphone market, that doesn’t stop Nokia from churning out exquisite phones for the high end consumers. Recently Nokia upgraded their Symbian OS to version Anna, which provides rounder and more graphical icons and smoother, faster and responsive interface. The cell phones which benefit most from the stylish and beautiful Anna interface are the stylish Nokia N8 and X7. These are the flagship devices from Nokia which not only support the new OS revamp but have killer looks and features to match.

The N8 is the ultimate camera phone and despite being a year old, it is the undisputed king when it comes to the quality of the pictures. Alongside every possible connectivity option, the curved borders of the full metal chassis and premium build quality will definitely turn eyes. The metal finish and the variety of unique colors will excite each and everybody.

The X7 is another metal coated device which supports a large 4inch screen and features social networking integration for Facebook and twitter fans, and supports an 8MP camera with 720p recording. Symbian may not be the OS of the future but with another year+ of official support and the huge library of Symbian software available, you can’t go wrong with either of these two beauties.

5.   Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
The Sony x10i was a Beautiful phone. It was so sleek, stylish, and had an excellent huge 4inch screen for its time. In the early days of Android, the X10i with a Froyo upgrade (latter gingerbread) was a killer set, and an absolute must. The question on every one`s mind was, how could Sony Ericsson top this?

The answer came in the form of the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. Just like Noah`s ark, this Arc is heralded the savior of the company, good enough to row it ashore into the next decade. The phone is seductively thin to look at. It is 8.7mm thin only at its thinnest portion and around 9-10 at thickest, which is … quite thin. The screen is a stellar 4.2inch capacitive powered by the Bravia engine. The inclusion is unique as it’s the same engine found in their high end LCD TVs. This results in deeper blacks and high contrast and excellent color reproduction. It’s on par with the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Super AmoLED screens. The glossy black finish adds to its aura, and the sleek inward curve on the back is comfortable to hold. Display is top notch and anyone viewing videos on its Bravia powered screen will be mesmerized. With a slew of connectivity options and micro HDMI port to connect to HDTVs, this multimedia device will turn heads and make you the envy of all your friends.

So here you go. A best of the best selection of the top 5 phones which are good for showing off. These phones are capable of everything you throw at them, offer newest and latest technologies and are in their prime. Future firmware updates will ensure that they don’t run out of juice and keep you glued to them. The exquisite and luxurious quality phones will make sure that you strut with confidence and style. Rest assured, you won’t ever regret purchasing any of these for a long time.

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