The Best Plasma TVs For Under £500.00 This Christmas


Plasma TVs At Christmas

Christmas is under two months away. By now the present hunting, bargain finding, bratwurst scoffing and wine guzzling has begun. The evenings are getting colder as we all hibernate inside, preparing ourselves for the ‘holidays are coming’ jingle. In the next few months we’ll be meeting up with family and friends who we haven’t seen all year, and will be overcome with excitement or finding new and innovative ways to fill awkward silences.

Either way, there’s one thing that you cannot avoid at Christmas, being sociable. TV’s have become an incredibly social and fun part of Christmas time. We all know that feeling of sitting down after our Christmas dinner and arguing about which film to watch, which game to play or simply anticipating the Queen’s Christmas speech.

As TV technology has developed, TVs have become more than just somewhere to view our favourite TV programmes. They are hubs of entertainment, and there are plenty of multi-functional Plasma TVs on the market which allow us high definition fun at it’s very best. There’s no better time to invest in a new TV than at Christmas time, where you’ll get to enjoy all of its best features. So go grab that Blu Ray of Elf, force your Nan to get on Wii Sports or hook up Skype and enjoy Christmas on the big screen with your friends and family around the world.

Behind The Plasma Screen

So what is a plasma TV? Plasma TVs tend to come with larger screen sizes than LCD TVs, ranging from 30 to 150 inches. Though Plasma TVs were manufactured before LCD TVs, they still remain popular because of their high quality performance.

The way in which they differentiate technically from LCDs is the way in which they use their central element, the plasma, which is made up of free flowing atoms. When these atoms are charged, it sends them into frenzy, colliding with one and other and causing the gas atoms within the plasma to release photons.

Top 3 Plasma TVs Under £500.00

SAMSUNG 43 Inch PS43D490A1

For around £450.00 this Samsung 43 inch TV is not only plasma but is one of the best prices 3D TVs currently on the market. As standard this TV is HD ready and comes with an impressive contrast ratio, great for those who do a lot of gaming or watch a lot of sports. The only downside really is that this TV does not come with an SD card slot, and can’t be used as a PC monitor


Retailing for around the £500.00, this TV is packed with everything you can imagine, making it an all round home entertainment beast! With a FULL HD 1080p screen resolution, 600hz framerate and 24p technology, you’ll struggle to find a technically better picture quality for this price. In addition to that, this entertainment hub supports wireless internet via a dongle, includes an SD card slot for audio and video plus SMART and 3D technology. Sure to be a real crowd pleaser this Christmas.

SAMSUNG 43 Inch PS43D450A243

For sheer value for money you can’t go wrong with this £350.00 plasma perfection. To get a cheap LCD TV or Plasma for around £350.00 is a good deal in itself but when you consider this is a trustworthy Samsung, with high specification contrast and 24p technology, you know you’ve got a great deal. As expected for this price, you do miss out on an SD card slot, 3D and smart technology but it should serve those who want to watch TV and play movies just fine.

Scott is a writer who is unashamedly excited about watching The Muppets Christmas Carol on a 50 inch Plasma this Christmas.

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