HTC Dash


HTC Dash

If there is one smart phone manufacturer that has been quite proactive in terms of introducing extraordinary and brilliant products to the market, nothing would come close to what HTC has achieved. From the time that it first joined the smart phone bandwagon up to the present, HTC has always lived up to its commitment of quality and innovation. Despite the stiff competition and the need to come up with cost-efficient products, HTC has never sacrificed quality in favor of general commercial activity. This very same principle is manifested in its current product venture, the HTC Dash 3G-a truly amazing product laden with unbelievable features which is sure to capture the fancy of every mobile phone user today.

There are plenty of features which makes the Dash 3G such an attractive mobile phone. Aside from the fact that it runs using the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform, it has an amazing landscape display screen for that enhanced viewing experience. Whether or not you are viewing still images like photos and videos, you will certainly be delighted to watch them using the Dash 3G. In addition, the Dash has a highly capacitive touch screen which will ensure that each mobile user will have the extraordinary touch screen experience. Moreover, the QWERTY keyboard of the Dash will definitely make the encoding of long messages easy and convenient. The Dash 3G is also equipped with a trackball which is definitely a welcome addition especially for those Blackberry users who have shifted to HTC products.

As to hardware specification, the Dash 3G is quite promising and is an improvement of its original version. Its processor is a 528MHz by Qualcomm. Its memory is 256 megabytes of flash storage. It is also equipped with a GPS function, including Google Maps and Windows Live functionalities. For those users who have a penchant for taking pictures, the Snap has also a built in camera. In terms of connectivity, the Dash will not be left behind. With its WiFi and Bluetooth features, wireless connectivity will never be an issue. Finally, other notable features which will surely delight the users of the Dash 3G include Youtube video playback capability. For those who are fond of instant messaging, you can also chat with your online buddies through the Dash 3G’s messaging capabilities.

With all these superb and brilliant features, it is very clear that the Dash 3G will be an excellent mobile phone to have. In fact, most people who have tried using this latest offering from HTC have generously lavished this amazing device with praises. Its QWERTY keyboard is really impressive. It also has a remarkable wireless connectivity with its WiFi and 3G features. And it has an incredible battery life for that continued and uninterrupted smart phone use. What more can you ask from a mobile phone? So, the next time that you go to your favorite mobile phone retailer, remember the Dash 3G. Acquiring this piece of gadget will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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