Reasons to Buy 5 Best Dual Cores Android Smartphone for Gaming


Reasons to Buy 5 Best Dual Cores Android Smartphone for GamingBest

Are you looking for the best dual core android smart phones? There are many famous and popular Smartphone devices available in the markets but you have to select the best compatible devices for high quality gaming. If you are looking for gaming compatible smart phones then you should consider these five best dual cores Android Smartphone because they contain the latest features and advance options that help the users to install and play different high quality games. The top 5 best dual core Android Smartphone of this year are  LG G2x, DROID X2, Motorola Atrix 4G, HTC EVO 3D and Samsung Galaxy S II. Why these are famous? Let’s have an overview.

Compatible processor and screen size:

Most of the high quality games require high speed processors. For example, if you are looking to play GTA Vice City then you will be required to have minimum 1 GH processor because this game is compatible with this processor. 1 GH processor will support the graphics and sound features of the game. If there is a processor less than 1 GH then it will become difficult for the smart phones to support the higher and heavier features of the game. Another important requirement is the large screen display. You will be required to have a large screen display to enjoy the game in true sense. If the screen is small and doest meet with the criteria of the game then your mobile will not be compatible with the games that require high display because of advance display features. Droid X, HTC EVO, Atrix and the Nexus S are some of the best smart phones having the great screen compatibilities to watch movies and to play games.

HD on TV and good storage:

Droid X, LG G2x and Atrix are some important examples among the smart phones. Users can find good storage capacity in these models. It will become easier to support the games that need large space or more GB space for the installation. The installation of the high quality HD games requires more space so you will be needed to install them in such compatible Smart phones those have more 16 GB of storage. The Droid X, LG G2x and Atrix have 16 GB storage capacity with 1 GH processor. These toe features are mainly required to install and play the games on smart phones but large screen display is also important but it is present in these smart phones so don’t worry and keep installing latest games to enjoy more visual features.

Better Multitasking with Swift Processors:

As you know these smart phones contain latest advance features such as dual core processors so it is no more difficult for the users of these mobiles to attain the feasibility and facility of multitasking. 1 GH processor supports the multitasking by providing speed to store and process the data.

Customization and Setting Apps as Default:

Live widgets installation becomes easier for the users if they are using the smart phones with dual core processor. It helps in the customization such as facebook and twitter updates. The users can set the applications as default which facilitates the swift and enjoyable gaming.

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