7 Ways To Speed Up Your Internet Connection


When it comes to internet access, having it in your home in this day and age is a must. But even if you have a decent connection, it’s speed may vary or decrease as time goes on. To help prevent that, and get the most value for your money, here are a few tips that should hep up your internet speed.

7 Ways To Speed Up Your Internet Connection


The easiest solution to this problem is to just get a new connection from a new provider all together. Sometimes, ISP’s just aren’t quick about keeping with the times, and upping their connection speeds. If you find your speeds slow in comparison to other internet providers out there, it may just be time to move on, and find a new one. For the latest advances, don’t forget to use your Verizon FIOS promotion code and check out their offers.


It may be time to do some work on your PC. Start with the basics- run disk defrag, multiple virus scans, malware scans, a scan disk check, and top it off by clearing the recycle bin. Usually, slow internet speeds, and a slow computer is a sign that you’re system is saddled with a lot of infections. Clearing them out can solve the problem in one fell swoop.


Sometimes, while it may seem hard to believe, the problem may be as simple as moving to a new browser client. Certain clients, like Internet Explorer, use a lot of your computer’s internal hardware and software resources. It can be really taxing at times on your system. The more complicated web sites become, the more software processes are needed to run them properly. When you’re dealing with a client that already puts a lot of strain on your system to begin with, the combination of these two elements can make for a painfully slow online experience.


Another factor most people don’t consider is that if they have several computers at home that are all using the same connection, they have to double check that the computers are connected to their router, as opposed to just the hub. Hubs can’t prioritize connection usage and flow- routers can.


While they may initially seem helpful, plugins can really take their toll on both your system and your browser. This is because most of them make it difficult for your browser to do instant page loads.


Sometimes, it really can be as simple as picking up the phone. Getting in touch with your ISP might be a great, simplified way of dealing with your issues, and it can come down to intentional bad service. There are techniques they have at their disposal that allow them to get a bearing on your connection without having to send someone out to your home.


It just might be time to upgrade your router. This is because older models aren’t able to transmit signals back and forth from the internet more than at 10 Mbps. If this is where yours falls in, then you know you’ve got a problem, as most local ports are able to broadcast somewhere around 100 Mbps. Don’t forget that an older router may very well be under powered by modern standards. It could be a case of your device just not being strong or capable enough to transmit at high speeds.

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