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Importance of Social Media for Small Business


Importance of Social Media for Small Business

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Social media has gone through enormous growth in the past few years making it one the most important sources of business and information. If one turns around and has a look on the scenario of social media a few years back, it was a general thinking present around that social media is something to be used by experts only. Though this point of view still exists to some extent but now social media is not a new thing in the marketing arena.

Social media has its basis in a very simple concept that it offers to develop new types of relations which are no longer being limited in their effectiveness by the factors of geography and time. Social media has become one of the greatest open markets providing amazing opportunities for business promotion and expansion.

Social Media: Particularly beneficial for Small Business

A number of people out there normally talk a lot about business but these discussions are generally limited to their family members or friends. Social networks have come to the rescue in such situations by taking these thoughts to the bulk of masses using social networks. Due to large number of people playing with social networks, targeted audience marketing can be effectively performed if properly planned and this is the most important advantage social media offers to business companies. Although companies should have marketing plans on the basis of social media also along with other formats, social media offers much more benefits to small as well as medium businesses in particular.

A major obstacle for small businesses is product or services marketing due to the lack of resources and capital. Social media is now playing a healthy role in this regard by providing simple and easily accessible platforms to launch marketing campaigns resulting in profitable environment. Social media has become an ever increasing source of communication which can be used by small business holders to achieve a number of benefits some of which are mentioned:

  • Support: Customer support programs can be carried out effectively by answering their questions and providing a platform for useful content and advices regarding products and services.
  • Complaints: Customer response can be readily obtained giving knowledge about their likings, disliking and how they want any product or service to be. Also, effective complaints handling system can be devised.
  • Connected with customers: Social tools provide remarkable services which can be utilized for boosting small as well as medium businesses. Through social media, one is always in touch with targeted customers increasing the overall visibility of company or brand. Much stronger relationships can be established with customers which results in long term profitability.
  • Streamlined Efforts: Proper planning for integration of social media tools into small business marketing activities results in optimization of both offline and online marketing campaigns.

Though social media is inevitable in the context of small business arena, it should be kept in mind that it’s not just like a magic spell that will change everything. Someone looking to make use of social media for small business must understand the basics of social media as well as that how it can be useful before making a step towards it.

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