The Top 6 iPhone Apps No Driver Should Be Without


The iPhone has many great apps that come in very handy whether you are driving around town or on a road trip out of town. These applications can provide GPS navigation, directions to parking lots or even find the nearest gas stations, restaurants and service stations along your path. The following are 6 iPhone apps that you should have if you spend any time in a car:

  • Integrated iPhone map

Every iPhone comes programmed with an integrated map application that is free to use. This application will provide the user with a detailed map of where you are located, providing you have the GPS turned on so it can find your location. Settings can be changed to give you directions to drive or walk, finding you the shortest route to your destination. It also gives you icons along the way for food, gas, public transportation stops and anything else you may need whether you are walking or driving.

  • G Park – Free App

How many times have you parked your car in a large parking structure or in a lot and come out only to forget where you parked it? Everyone who drives at one time or another has “lost” their vehicle. G Park works by remembering where you parked your vehicle, and by using GPS, helps you find your vehicle when you are ready to exit the structure or lot. The GPS technology allows it to direct you to your car, no matter how many floors the garage has or how big the lot is.

  • AccuFuel – Free App


AccuFuel is an application that helps a driver check their fuel use and helps to determine the fuel efficiency as well. Seeing where you waste the most fuel can help you find ways to cut down on excess fuel consumption. With the high price of fuel today, this can be a serious money saver.

  • gMeter – Free App

This application can help you to determine the exact distance you have traveled as well as the vehicle’s average speed, driving time and much more. This can especially come in handy when on long road trips when you need to pay attention to your fuel level, and make sure you are not exceeded the posted speed limits in unfamiliar areas. It also can help you determine you fuel economy, helping you to find ways to save on your fuel consumption.

  • Dynolicious

Dynolicious is not a free application such as the previous ones; you will have to purchase it from the iStore. Dynolicious helps users to keep track of the performance of their vehicle. It can calculate engine horsepower, 0 to 60 times and other measurements based on your actual driving. It stores all this information to allow you to compare and contrast your vehicle’s performance during different driving situations, climates or any other variable.


  • Gas Buddy


Gas Buddy works by finding you the nearest gas station based on your current location. After it finds the gas station, it will also provide you with driving directions. It can also compare gas prices so that you make sure you find the least expensive gas station in your area. You can choose what gas station to patronize based on the criteria of closest and least expensive.

Long gone are the days of paper maps and stopping and asking for directions. iPhone applications have made it possible to get the right directions to where you are going, find anything you need along the way and make sure that your vehicle is performing at its best, all by using an app. These are just a few of the apps that are available, and expect there to be not only more in the future, but more advanced apps as well.

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